18,388 Launch of a new international journal, History of Media Studies

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new international journal, History of Media Studies (hms.mediastudies.press), and the publication of 16 short, programmatic essays written by the editors and members of the editorial board. History of Media Studies (HMS) is an open access, refereed academic journal dedicated to scholarship on the history of research, education, and reflective knowledge about media and communication broadly conceived—as expressed through academic institutions; through commercial, governmental, and non-governmental organizations; and through “alter-traditions” of thought and practice often excluded from the academic mainstream. HMS aims to open space outside the commercialized academic publishing industry—space that is nonprofit, community-led, care-based, and transparent. The journal’s inaugural essays address the geopolitics of the history and historiography of the media and communication fields, structural inequities and exclusions that have helped constitute them, and alternative conceptualizations and methodologies for investigating them, among other topics. Read more about the journal: 


# Editors Introduction

* David W. Park, Jefferson Pooley, and Peter Simonson, «History of Media Studies, in the Plural» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/hms-editors

# Launch Essays

* Wendy Willems, «Unearthing Bundles of Baffling Silences: The Entangled and Racialized Global Histories of Media and Media Studies» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/willems-unearthing-bundles
* Armond Towns, «Against the ‘Vocation of Autopsy’: Blackness and/in US Communication Histories» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/towns-against-vocation
* Hailong Liu and Yidan Qin, «Toward a New Media Study in China: History and Approach» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/liu-toward-new
* Mohammad Ayish, «Emerging Digital Transitions in the Arab World: Implications for the Region’s Communication Studies» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/ayish-emerging-digital
* Mariano Zarowsky, «Communication Studies in Argentina in the 1960s and ’70s: Specialized Knowledge and Intellectual Intervention Between the Local and the Global» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/zarowsky-communication-studies
* Shiv Ganesh, «Recuperating Areas: Research on Media and Communication History and South Asian Studies» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/ganesh-recuperating-areas/
* Raúl Fuentes-Navarro, «Communication Research in Latin America: Will the ‘Nocturnal Map’ Survive or Fade Away?» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/fuentes-navarro-communication-research
* Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz, «Challenges of Doing Historical Research in Communication Studies: On the Necessity to Write a Methodologically Informed History of the Methods of Communication Studies» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/averbeck-lietz-challenges-historical
* Thomas Wiedemann and Michael Meyen, «Biographical Encyclopedia of Communication Study: Fostering Historiography and Memory in the Field» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/widemann-biographical-encyclopedia
* Sarah Cordonnier, «Looking Back Together to Become ‘Contemporaries in Discipline'» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/cordonnier-looking-back
* Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, «The Role of Theory Groups in the Lives of Ideas» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/leeds-hurwitz-theory-groups
* Sue Collins, «What Film and Cultural Histories Can Teach Us about YouTubers» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/collins-film-cultural
* Filipa Subtil, «Can the History of Communication and Media Research Proceed without the Philosophy of Technology?» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/subtil-history-communication
* Maria Löblich, «Collective Identity and the History of Communication Studies» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/loblich-collective-memory
* Ira Wagman, «Remarkable Invention!» – https://hms.mediastudies.press/pub/wagman-remarkable-invention


History of Media Studies is published by mediastudies.press, a non-profit, scholar-led OA publisher. The journal is affiliated with (1) the Working Group on the History of Media Studies:


(2) the History of Media Studies Newsletter:


and (3) the History of Communication Research Bibliography:

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Questions? Contact us at hms@mediastudies.press

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