12,987 Convocatoria, European Education, Internationalization in Conflict-Ridden Societies and Within Migrant Populations

European Education Welcomes Submissions
for an Upcoming Special Issue on
Internationalization in Conflict-Ridden Societies and
Within Migrant Populations


This Special Issue seeks to enlighten and expand the discourse on international, global, and intercultural dimensions in education within conflict-ridden areas and regarding schools/areas serving refugee and migrant populations. The contributions can address the whole education continuum from schools to higher education.

Contributions welcomed to this Special Issue are submissions that critically analyze:

  • Internationalization in education policies in conflict-ridden societies;
  • Internationalization policies and practices especially aimed at refugee and migrant students;
  • Issues of curricula, organization, and pedagogy involved in internationalization processes within migrant populations.

Instructions for Submissions:

European Education invites scholars from around the world to submit a 500-word extended abstract to Guest Editor Dr. Miri Yemini no later than September 1, 2016. Full papers (of between 7,000 and 9,000 words, inclusive of references, endnotes and other material) should then be submitted for review byFebruary 1, 2017 via the journal’s online submission system. The Special Issue will be published in the 2017 49(4) issue of the Journal.

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European Education
Editors: Iveta Silova, Arizona State University, and Noah W. Sobe, Loyola University Chicago
Volume 48, 2016, 4 issues per year
Print ISSN: 1056-4934 | Online ISSN: 1944-7086


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