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  • To make further, rapid Development progress we need to better understand how CHANGE happens.
  • A range of presentations at the Social and Behaviour Change Communication Summit held in Addis Ababa, February 2016 outlined different strategic and practice understandings of what drives change.
  • A selection of summaries of the insights and ideas shared at that event, can be accessed here. A few are highlighted below. Within each summary there are links to the full presentation and video (where available) – for example, the Kumi Naidoo speech that attracted such debate!
  • To help advance our understanding of CHANGE in the Development context, peer debate, dialogue and critique are vital. Can we please ask you to review at least a couple of the presentations below and submit questions and comments in advance that review process.
  • We will also be discussing these presentations in this community of people who attended or are interested in the knowledge shared at the Summit. There is a link to join if you are not already a participant in that community.

From Crosshairs to “La Vie”!

  1. The Role of Communications in a World in Crisis – presented by Kumi Naidoo
  1. Free, On-Demand – presented by Ted Johnson
  1. SBCC at the Crossroads (and Crosshairs): Where Next? – presented by Rajiv N. Rimal
  1. Community Change Agents: “Doctors” of Malaria Information Mobilizing Communities to Action – presented by Robert Ainslie
  1. Promotion of Girls’ Education (PROGE) – presented by Blessings Mtuwa Nkhata
  1. Ending Child Marriage in Ethiopia: Shaping/Redefining Communication for Development Actions Based on Lessons Learned from Global and Ethiopian Evidence – presented by Mariana Muzzi
  1. New Masculinity and Family Planning: Rural Guatemala – presented by Haydee Lemus
  1. Make the Shortcuts of Human Nature Work for You – presented by Mathew Willcox
  1. A Case For Accelerator Behaviors – presented by Stephanie Levy
  1. Planning and Budgeting for SBCC Programming – presented by Nazir Yusuph
  1. Can Mass Media Interventions Reduce Child Mortality? – presented by Joanna Murray
  1. C’est La Vie! – presented by Alexandre Rideau
  1. What’s Brand Got To Do With It: Behind The Scenes Of Yegna – presented by – Jess Majekodunmi
  1. Polio: The Art & Science of Communicating for Eradication – presented by Sherine Guirguis

Thanks and best wishes,

Warren Feek
Executive Director
The Communication Initiative
The Communication Initiative platform



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