12,445 The Drum Beat, Media grains, Quake radios, Convention progress, Citizens express and more: Your critical review?

The Drum Beat Media grains, Quake radios, Convention progress, Citizens express and more: Your critical review?
June 7, 2015
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Media grains, Quake radios, Convention progress, Citizens express and more: Your critical review?

Critical review and discussion amongst people engaged in local, national and international development is hugely important for improving the impact and standards of the work in which we are all collectively engaged.

We have recently upgraded The Communication Initiative platforms to make it much easier for yourself and your colleagues in the network to comment on and discuss the policies, strategies, programs and support materials that are shared.

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You can do this on any of the pages that summarise knowledge shared with the network. Below are a few suggestions. These are recently submitted through the Policy Blogs process.

You can also search the network and identify people and organizations that may have relevant insights to support your work.

James Deane on some big media, governance and development questions: With the grain or against the grain – a media perspective on the governance question of our time It argues that too many governance programmes have failed because their “good governance” departure point has been to try to foist an often idealised form of western political systems onto developing country governments …
Valentina Tartari on “distant others” and development: Reflecting on development practice the Burkinabé way… …However, this theory is based on the assumption that at a certain given point change will happen. This brings us back to the whole development debate. Are societies meant to develop or change? Who defines change? What is the direction that communities should be giving…
Suman Basnet on local broadcasting in the most extreme situations: Nepali community radios in the earthquake frontline… …All kinds of ingenious ways are being devised by the radios to engage with the local populations, which include connecting mobile phones to loud speakers, community listening, setting up ad hoc studio in the open
Anna Colom on popular conversation and governance: Question: How is a TV show improving governance in Kenya?… …Researchers in London and Nairobi have been working since the creation of Sema Kenya not only to ensure that it remained relevant and appealing to audiences, but also to assess the programmes impact on governance in Kenya
Manuel Manrique on progress with The Convention on the Rights of the Child: A quarter of a century later… …The Children’s Constitution – a term coined by James P. Grant, UNICEF Executive Director and the architect of both the Convention and the World Summit for Children – established a philosophical and ethical framework, and the Summit became the first global attempt to mobilize coordinated actions
Damalie Wasukira on essential communication principles: Three Examples of Why Content Is King and Context Shapes the Package… …Considering context in communication means you consider the framework of related facts, conditions and circumstances within which the communication takes place. These kind of factors influence the way a message is understood by the recipient
Neil Orr and David Patient on what we need more of: Critical Thinking: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle… …Critical Thinking is the willingness and ability to look, listen, think, ask and discuss consequences, without being heavily biased one way or the other. Critical Thinking is looking beyond the blind-spots and beliefs we have, and beyond the situation we are in. Critical Thinking is
Silvio Waisbord on social media and health programs: Social Media and Global Health… …Social media is not the answer to all of our deep-seated, tough communication problems. Social media channels contribute to improving health systems and the performance of health workers, if they are used correctly and appropriately. More data is needed …
Ranjani K Murthi on the challenges of training and evaluating with a gender lens”:Rescuing equity and diversity from the gender trap… …Unfortunately, many policies and guidelines (often generated by donors) focus on gender relations in isolation, and do not take into account that they interlock with other power relations like race, caste, class, abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity
Vusumuzi Sifile on citizen freedom of expression: Africa Freedom Day Includes Freedom of Expression… …Although a number of countries in the region have freedom of expression and access to information in their constitutions and national statutes, not much has been done to ensure that the citizens enjoy these freedoms.
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Search the network and identify people and organizations that may have relevant insights to support your work.

Thanks – Warren

Warren Feek
Executive Director
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