12,420 The Drum Beat, Call for Submissions for Papers on Polio and/or Routine Immunisation (RI) and Communication

The Drum Beat Call for Submissions for Papers on Polio and/or Routine Immunisation (RI) and Communication
May 20, 2015
Greetings Octavio

To: Network Participants in The Communication Initiative (The CI) – and subscribers to The Drum Beat

Call for Submissions to The Communication Initiative for potential publication in the open access journal Global Health Communication

Final Application date: 15 June, 2015

The Communication Initiative (The CI), working with the Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP), would like to announce an exciting opportunity for academics and practitioners working on polio and/or routine immunisation (RI) communication to write a paper for submission and potential publication in a peer-reviewed journal. A small grant of $1,500 is available for successful applicants

The initial publishing opportunity is with the Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives, and their soon to be launched open access, peer-reviewed journal titled Global Health Communication. This journal addresses empirical and theoretical health questions through the lens of multiple perspectives, experiences, and cultures. The journal will support the development of a space for the international research community to advance scholarship around the role of communication processes in global public health, policy, and behaviour change.

Topic areas.

This opportunity is designed to enable those working on immunisation in the countries where the greatest challenges exist to address major topics and issues related to the communication lessons and legacy of the polio programme and the relationship between polio and RI programmes in the following priority areas:

  • Communication Technology
  • Gender
  • Global/National Health Governance
  • Health Worker Training
  • Partnerships
  • Security and Emergency Response

How it works

To be considered, you must first write and submit to The CI a 2-page proposal the format for which is attached to this email or at this link. That form provides a structure to outline the issue you want to write about, why you feel it is important, the main points the paper will cover, and the methodology you propose to use or have used. These proposals will be reviewed by a small team who will prioritise 10 applicants.

If your submission is selected, you will be offered a US $1,500 contract to write the paper. Should you accept the offer, you will have 6 weeks to write a paper based on your proposal and one that meets the standards of the Global Health Communication journal, at which time you will send a copy of the final version to The CI and submit it to the GHC for peer review. There will be no special treatment for these papers, and the review process will be expected to meet the GHC’s normal standards. If your paper is accepted for publication, the fees normally charged to authors for open access will be covered by The CI. Your paper will be published and made freely accessible via the GHCs website on a permanent basis.

The CI will also support wide dissemination of these papers amongst health communication practitioners, policymakers, and academics around the world by sending notices out to its network summarising the papers and linking to the full and freely downloadable papers on the GHC website.

What if my paper is not accepted?

Among the proposals, The CI will also look for those that show potential as editorial or opinion pieces, and so we may come back to some of you asking if you would be willing to prepare an editorial for The CI that we will ensure is widely disseminated and discussed via social media. Finally, papers that are submitted but not accepted by the Journal will be reviewed by The CI and could be published on CI’s website and shared with our network of over 80,000 people.


To be eligible for this process, you must be working on polio and/or RI communication as a researcher, policymaker, or programme manager in areas directly related to one of the countries listed below. Proposals and papers must be submitted in English.

The priority countries are defined by either the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) or the countries where MCSP is working. They include: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, Iraq, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar. Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen and Zambia.

An opportunity

We hope you will take this opportunity to organise and share your thoughts on critical issues facing polio and RI communication at an important juncture. It is also an opportunity to have your work rigorously peer reviewed, published in an open access journal, and disseminated widely for maximum impact.

If this interests you, please submit your 2-page proposal outlining the issue you want to write about, why you feel they are important, the main points your paper will address, and the methodology you propose to use to Anja Venth at aventh@comminit.com The deadline is June 15. For further information, click here

Thanks – Anja

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