11,130 Digital Agenda for Europe, Newsroom Update, 21 Junio 2013

Digital Agenda for Europe
Newsroom Update

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ECTA ‘Single Market for Telecoms’ Conference
25 June 2013  Brussels, Belgium
The creation of a pan-European market for telecom services appears to be at the forefront of the European Commission's vision for the sector. But what does a single market mean? What would it look like? Would it create a truly borderless market? Would it lead to sector consolidation and if so would it be national or cross-border consolidation? Would it lead to greater efficiencies and would it require a pan-European regulator to make sure it was operated consistently? What is in it for businesses and consumers? All these questions and more will be addressed at ECTA's one day conference 'Single Market for Telecoms'.

Commission suspends German plans for fixed termination rates for alternative operators
(21 June 2013) The European Commission has suspended a proposal by the German Telecoms Regulator (BNetzA) to set fixed termination rates for alternative operators. The termination rates proposed by Germany are three times higher than the average of countries which follow the recommended approach set out in EU telecom rules. Termination rates are the charges telecoms operators charge each other to terminate a call in their respective networks. Each operator has market power over access to customers on its own network. These costs are ultimately passed on to consumers and businesses.

Deadline extended: Apply to become student / young ambassador at ICT 2013
(18 June 2013) The young ambassadors will contribute to the event in different roles: Session reporters will be following selected conference sessions and write summaries of the highlights, which will be published on the blog; Conference highlighters will follow the conference and report online; Exhibition watchers will highlight the most attractive exhibits; Social media managers will help to coordinate the information and content produced by different ambassadors. Deadline Wednesday 3rd July 2013, 16:00 CET.

ICT 2013 – Conference programme announced – Have a look!
(18 June 2013) ICT 2013 conference will feature top ICT professionals from industry, academia & research. Speakers from across the ICT sector will address a range of issues from cloud computing, broadband, ICT infrastructures, ICT skills, cyber security, long term visions on the future and much more. Experts will present details on how to participate in the next EU’s Research Programme – Horizon 2020.

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Neelie Kroes,  Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda: Building a communicating single market
Digital Agenda Assembly, Dublin


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