14,110 Don’t hate advertising, hate bad advertising, We are social

Don’t hate advertising, hate bad advertising This article was written by our Marketing and Innovation Director in Milan, Luca Della Dora and was first published in Italian here.  If you are the kind of person that doesn’t have the patience to read long articles, here’s the quick version of this piece: “no, the advertising industry is not dead,... Leer más →

14,107 We are social, What Greta Thunberg can teach brands about decoding Gen Z

What Greta Thunberg can teach brands about decoding Gen Z It’s been a busy start to 2020 for climate activist Greta Thunberg. Fresh from turning 17, she staged a school strike where it all began at home in Sweden then slammed Australian politicians for inaction as bushfires raged across the country – all within the new decade’s first three... Leer más →

14,106 We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #475

We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #475 Facebook bans deepfakes from all its platforms Facebook has announced a policy change that will see the social network ban manipulated videos and photos – aka deepfakes – from its platforms. In a blog post announcing the changes, Facebook said that it would begin removing content that has been edited... Leer más →

14,103 Ciberacoso en México: Corte de Caja, Samuel Bautista Mora

Ciberacoso en México: Corte de Caja Samuel Bautista Mora Las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC) se encuentran aún en una fase de acelerada adopción en México, incluso, algunas de ellas se encuentran por alcanzar su techo estructural como es el caso de los teléfonos inteligentes que representan 88.7% del número total de... Leer más →

14,102 We are social, Global trends shaping marketing in 2020: Part 2

Global trends shaping marketing in 2020: Part 2 What will be the most significant trends to impact marketing in 2020? Following yesterday’s blog post, our remaining global leaders from around the world share their thoughts on the trends that will shape marketing, and social media, in 2020. Nathan McDonald, Co-Founder and Group CEO The New Influencer... Leer más →

14,101 We are Social, We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #474

  We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #474 You now need a Facebook account to sign up to Messenger  Facebook has confirmed that it has changed the sign up process for new users wanting to join its Messenger service, removing the option to access the messaging platform without a Facebook account. Previously, new users were able to... Leer más →

14,099 We are social, The dawn of a new influencer economy

  The dawn of a new influencer economy Influencers, creators, marketers and social platforms exist in a symbiotic – and largely profitable – relationship. Yet if we follow the money, the next decade of influencer marketing looks quite different from the last. A new influencer economy for the 2020s is emerging. And with influencers starting... Leer más →

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