18,367 Call form papers, Digital Transaction un Asia IV, Conference and Workshops, 10-11th February 2022

Call for Papers – Digital Transactions in Asia IV, Conference and Workshops, 10-11th February 2022

Hosted by 

Asian Communication Research Centre,  Wee Kim Wee School of Communications, Nanyang Technological University

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

School of Communication and Arts, University of Queensland

The Asian region is passing through a period of unprecedented social and economic change, and digital transaction platforms operate at the centre of these processes. Transaction platforms take a number of forms, including point of sale payment apps, money transfer services, trading platforms, micro credit apps and the multi-faceted exchange mechanisms built into retail, service and social media platforms.  The capture of transactional processes within platform ecosystems actively converges social, economic, and cultural exchanges in novel ways. Transactional cultures are thus a fundamental building block in the transformation of Asian societies since, in adopting digital systems, localised communities adapt their transactional cultures in line with their own environments, means and norms. 

The scale and scope of the shift to digital transactions is at its most acute in Asia, as the location of the world’s digital majority, and as a region where digitization has become synonymous with national and transnational development ambitions. Transaction platforms are central to the strategic design and operation of platform ecosystems, a digital paradigm that infuses commercial ambitions and state policy. To remake the financial system is to reshape the social system, and digital transactions are laden in each case with powerful meanings that determine the parameters of trust, reciprocity and social relationships. Addressing both the systemic implications and grassroots experiences of digital transactions in Asia, our fourth multilateral conference and workshop event will consider the instances and processes through which new sets of social, economic and political transactions are being established between markets and publics, citizens and states, cultures and commodities in Asia.

Guest Speakers:

Bill Maurer, University of California, Irvine

Heather Horst, University of Western Sydney

Ping Sun, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Nicholas Loubere, Lund University

Format: Our 2022 conference will include a panels of presenters along with workshop sessions conducted at our hosting sites in Singapore and New Delhi, linked through the Zoom platform.

Following the format of previous events, Digital Transactions in Asia IV will include presentations from across Asia. Paper presenters are invited to our virtual workshop sessions on critical methodological, theoretical and logistical issues for addressing the rise of Digital Transactions in Asia.

Scope:  Given the inter-and trans-disciplinary nature of its theme, the conference is intended to be of interest to researchers from a diverse variety of backgrounds and disciplinary orientations in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, IT, Economics and Law. We will also consider submissions of technical works, along with professional contributions from industry and non-governmental organisations. 

We invite abstract submissions (500 words) addressing the following themes:

·         Digital Transaction Platforms in Everyday Life

·         Digital Currencies and Commodities 

·         Blockchain, Ledgers and Transaction Data

·         Digital Transactions, Public Health and Pandemic

·         Digital Platforms and Labour Transactions

·         Digital Governance, Citizenship and Rights

·         Social Transactions and Informal Economies

·         Cultural Transactions and Interpersonal Exchanges

·         FinTech Business Models in Asian contexts

·         Digital Geographies of Exchange

·         Digital Development and (In)equalities

·         Learning Transactions and Digital Teaching Practice

·         Mobile Technologies and Financial Inclusion

·         E Commerce, Consumption and Digital Economy

·         Platform Regulation, Finance and Economic Policy

For the submission of abstracts: please send your abstract (500 words), institutional details and research bio to the organising committee by 30 November 2021, via:  a.athique@uq.edu.au with the subject line: ‘Digital Transactions in Asia IV’.

Researcher Support:   A limited number of bursaries covering air travel and accommodation for the duration of the event will be available on a competitive basis for paper presenters working at institutions within the Asian region. Under the present circumstances, these awards will be subject to current arrangements regarding travel to Singapore, along with requirements for international airlines, accommodation providers and campus regulations regarding COVID 19 vaccination, social distancing and other relevant protocols, along with the visa regulations and conditions regarding international visitors to Singapore.   

If you wish to be considered for a bursary in the eventuality of a resumption of international travel, please indicate your interest in your abstract. The University of Queensland will subsequently contact you regarding travel bursaries, should we be able to award them, and no later than 5th January 2022. 

Submissions and Key Dates

·         November 30, 2021: Deadline for the Submission of Abstracts

·         December 15, 2021: Acceptance of Abstracts

·         January 3, 2022: Results of Travel Bursary Applications (Travel Conditions Permitting)

·         January 30, 2022: Final Paper Submission

·         February 10-11 2022: Conference and workshop nodes at Nanyang Technological University and IIT Delhi.

Publication: For all funded participants, a final paper of 5,000 words will be requested by 30 January 2022 for inclusion in an edited publication. 

Organising Committee: Adrian Athique (University of Queensland); Emma Baulch (Monash Malaysia); Gerard Goggin (Nanyang Technological University); Vigneswara Ilavarasan (IIT Delhi); Jinna Tay (National University of Singapore); Haiqing Yu (RMIT)

Venue: The conference panels and workshops will be held at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication, Nanyang Technological University and Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. 

Principally, we anticipate that proceedings will be conducted via the Zoom session, but we will make provision for physical presentation should the necessary agreements and protocols be in place for inbound visitors to Singapore in February 2022, and/or for on campus events with domestic participants within Singapore and/or New Delhi.

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