18,305 Digital disconnection, media detox, technological disentanglement [online workshop

We would like to remind you that until the end of September the call for applications for the free online workshop with André Jansson, Karlstad University, Sweden is open.

*Towards development of mediatization research V. Counter-mediatization, digital disconnection and other reverse trends in media use*



organized by the Institute of Social Communication and Media Studies at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, in partnership with Academia Europaea Wroclaw Knowledge Hub

We invite all researchers who wish to discuss their research projects in a narrow and closed group of media scholars under the guidance of an expert. The aim of this year’s edition is to answer questions like:

   * What are the causes and effects of the retreat from media
     technologies and mediated processes?
   * How conscious media management, containment, contestation, negation
     is shaping?
   * How the media environment is being desaturated and what off-the-grid
     life is about?
   * How private, professional, social and public life is being demediated?
   * What digital disconnection is and what it entails?
   * How fashions, trends and tendencies such as digital detox, etc. are
     changing everyday media practice, as well as various aspects of
     private and social life?
   * How are various forms of counter-mediatization related to the
     production of space and place?
   * How are different disconnection strategies related to social power
     and privilege?
   * How the theory of mediatization can develop in the context of the
     reverse trends in media use?

The idea and format of the meeting is based on a closed specialization
workshop in a formula proven in the previous editions, i.e.:

   * participants work on different types of materials (articles, works
     in progress, proposals, theses, reports, drafts etc.) under the
     guidance of the edition leader;
   * meeting is preceded by substantive preparation by the leader and all
     participants on the basis of materials circulated among all
     participants in advance;
   * during the meeting all participants focus on group discussion and
     expert feedback (presentations and speeches are limited to a minimum);
   * seminar is preceded by an introductory lecture by the leader.

**There is no conference fee.*


   * 30.09.21 – submissions of proposals (please use the form available
     on the webpage: https://tiny.pl/r33v6 ; other
     submission will not be accepted)
   * 10.10.21 – notification of acceptance of proposals
   * 10.11.21-  submission of materials for discussion (only pdf format
     is accepted)
   * 11.11-9.12.21 – preparation for the workshop by the leader and all
   * 10.12.21 – closed online workshop (roughly from 9-11 am to 4-7 pm EST, on Google Meets)

Any substantive questions about the workshop can be answered by
Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin,
via email: katarzyna.kopecka.piech@gmail.com
For technical and organisational matters, please write to: tdomrv@gmail.com

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