18,292 Journal Sightlines: Filmaking in the Academy

On behalf of the Australian Screen Production Education and Research
Association (ASPERA) Research Sub-Committee, we’re delighted to announce
the publication of Issue 3 of the creative practice research journal,
/Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy/.


This issue features 13 works – films and screenplays – across all genres
and with a wide variety of research pursuits. Each work is accompanied
by a research statement, peer reviews, and a follow-up response from the

Issue 3, 2021

The First Provocation
Angie Black

Hometowns: A Biopic on Suresh Biswas
Indranil Chakravarty

A Reverie
Chris Neilan

The Box: Five Short Films
Jennifer Oey et al

Greta Ruiz and the Signs of Love
Brenda Robles

The Trouble
Patrick Kelly

Machine Space
Stephen Connolly

The Kino Paper Vs. the Digital Paper Vs…
David Moore

Fabric of War: Why Wool?
Trish FitzSimons

I Work for the Devil
James Thompson

Ascendance: an experiment…for VR
Peter Moyes et al

Nonhuman Flow: Audio-visual Affects…
Pavel Prokopic

The Visit
Volker Kuchelmeister et al

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