18,290 Peace, Intersectionality and Uncertainties, call for papers

*Call for Papers
The 6^th  International Communication and Media Studies Conference

Peace, Intersectionality and Uncertainties

A conference exploring peace and conflict studies, peace journalism,
media and communication studies.

>  Famagusta, North Cyprus 25–26 November 2021>
> *Keynote Speakers*
> Sevda Alankuş (Yaşar University )
> İbrahim Shaw (Northumbria University)

/The Center of Research and Communication for Peace/ in the Faculty of
Communication and Media Studies at Eastern Mediterranean University
invites submissions addressing the general theme of Peace,
Intersectionality and Uncertainties the 6^th  International
Communication and Media Studies Conference will be held on
25-26 November 2021 in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. The conference is
dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly
events for presentation within the conference program. Thus, academic
scientists, early-stage researchers, and graduate students are invited
to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all
aspects of communication. It also provides a platform for researchers to
present and discuss recent innovations, trends, and concerns raised with
Covid-19 pandemic as well as practical challenges encountered, and
solutions adopted in the Communication and Media Studies. The conference
solicits contributions of research papers (both in English and in
Turkish) in a range of topics including, but not limited to:

Peace & Conflict

Peace Journalism

Cyprus Media and Future Media Professionals


Fake news-Validating news?

Pandemic and Infodemic

Social Media Literacy

Visualisation of Peace/ Peace through Art

Gender Peace and Intersectionality

Peace and Visibility of LGBTI+ People

Women as Peacebuilders

Equality Diversity and Inclusion:

Non-violent Activism

Civil Disobedience

Peace for Environmental Crisis-Global Warming-Climate Change

Youth and Children activism

Racial and Ethnic Studies and Peace

PR and Peacebuilding

Crisis Communication

Strategic Communication and Peace

Social Justice and Digital Divide

Data mining for peace

Artificial intelligence and peace

Human Mobilities, Migration and Displacement

Social Movements and Activism

Education for Peace/Peace in Education

Technical details and important dates*
Deadline for submitting abstracts and panel proposals is September 15, 2021.

Please submit all submissions via this online form:


The proposal should indicate the purpose of the study and its relevance
to the theme of the conference. It can describe completed research or
research in progress. For completed research, the methodology including
the data collection and analysis procedures and the findings should be
provided. For research in progress, steps related to the data collection
and analysis processes should be described. For either submission, the
proposal should include actual or anticipated results and their
implications for future practices or further research.
Conference talks will be 15 (+5) minutes.

Further information will be found on the conference website:

*Organizers and contact information*
The conference will be held online and is organised by Center of
Research and Communication for Peace(CRCP) Faculty of Communication and
Media Studies, Eastern Mediterranean University Please feel free to
contact the organizers:

Hanife Aliefendioğlu: hanife.aliefendioglu@emu.edu.tr
Can Bekcan: can.bekcan@emu.edu.tr

Selected proceedings of this conference are expected to be published in
the peer-reviewed conference book following the conference. Please use
the most recent APA style and formatting in your paper. Full papers
should be maximum of 6000 words

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