18,249 Panel on «creative teaching techniques for media development», July 23

I warmly invite you to join our live Panel on «creative teaching techniques for media development» on July 23, 1:00 noon SAST/CEST, 4:30 pm IST.

One of our goals is to start a conversation about best practices of training media development experts at university level and nurturing an ongoing exchange. We want to start this with a series of sessions on selected topics. In our panel on “creative teaching techniques” we want to exchange different assignments, classroom exercises, digital innovations, and other strategies for engaging students on the subject. For this we are inviting academics and practitioners to share their best practices.

Our Panellists are:

  • Linje Manyozo (RMIT University Melbourne, Australia)
    • Linje is the author of ‘Media, Communication and Development: Three Approaches’ (New Delhi: Sage India).
    • He describes himself as “a student of the human condition, whose communication for development praxis involves working with participatory processes to empower people to co-design sustainable development interventions”.
    • We invite him to talk about his best practices of critical enquiry in media and communication, and for his critically pedagogical, participatory, and ethically inclusive teaching. 
  • Saleh Masharqeh (Media Development Centre at Birzeit University in Palestine)
    • Saleh is a lecturer at the Media Department of Birzeit University. He is also a trainer at the Media Development Center (BZU), with training topics such as: “news writing, media literacy, media ethics and codex, verification in new media and gender topics in journalism”.
    • We invite him to talk about his best practices of teaching undergraduate journalism students.
  • Martin Scott (University of East Anglia, England) 
    • Martin is the author of ‘Media and Development’ (Zed Books 2014).
    • We invite him to talk about his best practices of teaching graduate (BA/ MA) students and how he defines creativity when it comes to the question of how to teach media development.

When: Friday, July 23, 20201, 1.00-2.30 pm CEST (7.00-8.30 am New York; 7.00-8.30 pm Manila)


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