CICANT is a Research Centre where both solid theoretical work and rigorous applied research at the cross-section of media, society, literacies, arts, culture and technologies is developed. Critical to its research mission are knowledge creation activities that are oriented towards expanded research on two main subject areas. In CICANT those areas are organised in Research and Learning Communities (ReLeCo).

The research group on Media Arts, Creative Industries and Technologies (MACIT) is focused on the socio-cultural and artistic uses of media technologies (visual, performative, photographic, cinematographic and sonic) at the intersection with the creative industries, both from a historical and contemporary perspective. The group has a robust research in the field and fosters a media practice-based artistic research in several areas and with a long and solid track on them.

In this sense, we open a call for Chapters for the 1st volume of the series Reflections on Fashion Design and Media with the subtitle “Synergies between Fashion and the Media Arts”.

The fashion industry is increasingly in constant change and evolution, an evolution which requires multiple reflections on the present, past and future. The quest to keep in touch with the consumer has led it to adapt to the new emerging reality translated in the digital format.

If we observe the fashion system, we will become aware that, since its origin, it has had a close relation with the media, among which we can highlight cinema. It was via the great American film stars that fashion gained a prominent position, dressing them or being influenced by what they wore, following the known path as regards the definition of fashion trends.

With the development of the new digital technologies, fashion faces new challenges and new possibilities, in production, in creation, communication, advertising and trade, among other areas where it operates and has a place.

The digital revolution has had a very significant impact on the different areas where fashion plays a role, and the digital technology will keep its fast evolution pace. Increasingly, fashion will resort to digital developments to remain at the forefront.

This series seeks to be accessible to a broad range of readers, publishing several volumes and chapters with interest for the debate on Fashion Design and the Media, looking for results or revolutionary and decisive visions for the success of the field.

All the chapters proposed must reveal high capacity for critical and reflexive analysis on the topic addressed while submitting ideas, solutions or examples of good practices in the field under discussion.

Research topics:

  • Fashion Shows and Technologies
  • Fashion Film
  • Curatorship and Digital Fashion Exhibitions
  • Fashion Brand Campaigns
  • Fashion Photography
  • Digital Aesthetics and Fashion
  • Fashion and Videogames
  • Graphic Design for Fashion, Technologies
  • Fashion and Film
  • Fashion and Technology Interfaces


  • Alexandra Cruchinho
  • Manuel José Damásio
  • José Gomes Pinto
  • José Carlos Neves


The chapter proposals to be submitted must be original and unpublished. Interested authors must follow the norms for submitting chapter proposals.

The proposals must be submitted in editable text file (DOC. or DOCX.) with identification and numbers of the images to be inserted.

Photographs, graphs, tables or other figures that complement the text must be submitted in a separate folder with the following features: 16cm width, 300PPI resolution, JPEG format (quality: 12/maximum).

All submissions of chapter proposals will be forwarded to at least two members of the Editorial Review Board of the Book Series for Double Blind Review.

The final decision on acceptance / revision / rejection will be based on the assessments received from the reviewers.

Extended Deadline for submission: 15 september 2021

Submissions & Informations: cicant@ulusofona.pt – Ref: Cfc- Design & Media Book Series

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