18,220 Seminar #1 «Media development curricula from around the world“ of IAMCR/MEDAS 21 online series «Teaching Media Development

One more week until we kick off our seminar series «Teaching Media Development“ with the following session:


SEMINAR 1 «Media development curricula from around the world“

Outline: Efforts aimed at developing the media sector are being discussed in university classrooms all around the world. The related courses are sometimes offered by departments of journalism studies, sometimes by departments of communication and sometimes as part of development studies, oftentimes they are interdisciplinary. What are the implications of where media sector development sits within university structures? What skills do teachers of these courses need to impart to the students and how to make sure these can be localized? Is there a canon of essential literature for students learning about media sector development? If so, what is and what should be in there? These are the guiding questions of this session in which course leaders, university teachers and curators of literature collections present and discuss their approaches.

Friday, July 2, 20201, 1.00-2.30 pm CEST (7.00-8.30 am New York; 7.00-8.30 pm Manila)
Registration: https://tu-dortmund.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_4vmnqzlDTDSKfDWEvTjW6Q

Chair: Ines Drefs (MEDAS 21/Erich Brost Institute)
Confirmed speakers: Joya Chakraborty (Tezpur University), Christoph Dietz (Catholic Media Council), Winston Mano (University of Westminster), viola milton (University of South Africa)

This series is organized by MEDAS 21 and the IAMCR Media Sector Development Working Group. More information about the entire series can be found here: https://www.medas21.net/news/#seminar-series-teaching-mediadev

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