18,219 Call for papers (English, Français, Español) : «Transition in tension. Controversies and tension around ecological transitions», 16-17 December 2021

Hello everyone, 

We are pleased to remind you of the call for papers for the next scientific conference of the «Communication, Environment, Science and Society» research group, entitled «Transitions in tension. Controversies and tensions around ecological transitions».  

The conference will take place in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and will also be held remotely on a digital platform, on 16 and 17 December 2021. Conference website: https://transition2021.sciencesconf.org/   

This colloquium aims to question the discourses and communicational phenomena related to ecological and energy transitions – we explicitly use the plural to indicate the complexity of the object in question. The polemical dimension of the communication surrounding the transitions – controversies, polemics, discussions, debates – which mobilises verbal language and all other types of semiotic devices (notably still and moving images), is at the centre of attention. We want to involve researchers who analyse these phenomena with scientific tools from the humanities and social sciences. Our focus is primarily on the information and communication sciences, but we also pay special attention to interdisciplinary projects or projects at the border between different disciplines. The conference is open to researchers working in different fields related to information and communication phenomena: media and journalism, digital social networks, political discourse, organisational communication, cultural and media industries, information sciences, among others. 

The provisional programme of the conference is under preparation; Francis Chateauraynaud (EHESS, Paris), Marie-Gabrielle Suraud (CERTOP, University of Toulouse 2) and Markko Lehtonen (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain) will give plenary lectures during the conference. 

The full call for papers is available on the conference website (https://transition2021.sciencesconf.org/data/pages/Appel_a_communication_call_for_papers_convocatoria_de_ponencias_GER_CESS_2023.pdf ).  

Proposals for papers (in French, English or Spanish) should be submitted on the website and also via email to andrea.catellani@uclouvain.be and gregoire.lits@uclouvain.be by 30 September 2021 at the latest, following the instructions presented in the call for papers.  

A scientific publication is planned following the conference. 

GER website «Communication, environment, science and society»: https://comenvironnement.hypotheses.org/  

We look forward to meeting you at the conference, 

The organising committee (Andrea Catellani, David Domingo Santamaria, Anne Gagnebien, Catherine Gauthier, Grégoire Lits, Céline Pascual Espuny).

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