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Pleased to announce that our journal Global Media and China has just published its latest issue (Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2021). 

And also we sincerely welcome your contribution to our journals. If you are interested and have the time, it is a great honour for us to receive your submission. Here is the submission portal:

https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/gmac. For more information about Global Media and China, please go to gch.sagepub.com, you can also find detailed submission guidelines there.

You can freely read this new issue at: https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/GCH/current 

Special Section: One City, Many Tales: COVID-19, Strategies and Platforms (Part Two)

Guest Editor: Xiaoling Zhang


One city, many tales: Covid-19, strategies and platforms

Xiaoling Zhang

Special Issue Articles

Who set the narrative? Assessing the influence of Chinese global media on news coverage of COVID-19 in 30 African countries

Dani Madrid-Morales

COVID-19 news reporting and engaging in the age of social media: Comparing Xinhua News Agency and The Paper

Zenan Chen and Xiaoge Xu

Where translation impacts: The non-professional community on Chinese online social media – A descriptive case study on the user-generated translation activity of Bilibili content creators

Ning Ding, Zhimiao Yang, Sida Li and Ailing Zhang

Original Articles

Flying with two wings or coming of age of copyrightisation? A historical and socio-legal analysis of copyright and business model developments in the Chinese music industry

Zhen Troy Chen

Triple play, OTT TV, and the Chinese logic of “select commercialization”

Jing Wang and Song Sun

Gender and the privacy paradox in Chinese college students’ locative dating communication

Altman Yuzhu Peng

Book Reviews

Tim Jordan, The Digital Economy

Dave Elder-Vass

Hongwei Bao, Queer China: Lesbian and Gay Literature and Visual Culture  Under Postsocialism

Jamie J. Zhao

Weimin Zhang, Media in China: Constructing National Resistance in Natural Disaster Representations

Ping Pu

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