18,134 Global Media and China Special Issue, Platformisation and entrepreneurial labour via Chinese digital networks

Global Media and China Special Issue: Platformisation and entrepreneurial labour via Chinese digital networks Guest Editors: Haiqing Yu (RMIT University, Australia); Jian Xu (Deakin University, Australia); Ping Sun (Chinese Academy of Social Science, China)

Deadlines:–30 July 2021: Abstracts (400-500 words) submitted to guest editors: Haiqing Yu (haiqing.yu@rmit.edu.au)Jian Xu, (j.xu@deakin.edu.au)Ping Sun (sophiesunping@gmail.com
–20 August 2021: Invitation to submit full papers sent to selected authors

–20 December 2021: Full paper submission

–20 March 2022: Peer review reports sent to authors

–20 May 2022: Final paper submission to GMAC; with introduction to the special issue

This special issue, “Platformisation and entrepreneurial labour via Chinese digital networks,” examines entrepreneurial labour and its relationship with the platformisation of Chinese society and economy. As a key feature of our digital economy and lifestyle, powerful digital platforms have transformed how cultural production is carried forward, how services are delivered, how businesses are established, how talents are identified and developed, and how new forms of entrepreneurial activities are regulated and governed. While platformisation has technological, infrastructural, and economic dimensions, its human dimension highlights individual agency and limitations in the platformisation process. We call for papers that examine individuals and groups who have demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit, skills, and thinking in taking advantage of Chinese digital networks, systems and platforms to reinvent themselves, change lives, and influence others and society.

The entrepreneurial individuals and groups include: new media professionals (e.g. wanghong and self-media content producers); platform managers, engineers, and programmers; e-commerce and social commerce operators, agents, and co-ops; product and service brokers, intermediaries, and consultants; government officials and agencies in managing digital and social media platforms, networks, and R&D.

This special issue will provide a new perspective on digital culture, digital economy, and platform studies by focusing on “entrepreneurial” labour, in order to highlight the importance of human agency and creativity, as individuals and communities navigate changes and disruptions in their everyday life brought about by digital platforms and the platformisation of cultural, economic, and knowledge production.

We welcome abstracts and papers from a wide range of disciplines and interests, including but not limited to: social studies of science and technology, digital media and communication studies, information systems, platform studies, digital humanities, digital anthropology, and digital China studies in general.

Dr HAN Xiao

Research Associate, State Key Lab of Media Convergence and Communication, Communication University of China (CUC)

Commissioning Editor, Global Media and China http://journals.sagepub.com/home/gch

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