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FromWarren Feek

To: The Drum Beat network
Survey: «What are your priorities, opportunities and challenges?»

Many best wishes for an excellent 2020. May your important work thrive and grow.

To improve our support for that work, at The Communication Initiative we are in the midst of a complete platform renewal. It will be all new! Insights into the priorities and experiences of people in the network are crucial for our understanding of how best to shape that platform in order to respond to your needs and interests.

A key instrument for that learning and understanding is the survey «What are your priorities, opportunities and challenges?»  If you are not one of the 1,648 people who have already completed the survey can I please encourage you to add your important voice. Your insights and assessments are really important for improving our support to your work.

Many thanks – very much appreciated.

Survey: «What are your priorities, opportunities and challenges?»


Warren Feek

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Thank you.


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Jan 21 2020 – 2:58am

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