14,030 Media Ecology Association, 2020 Call for Nominations for MEA Board

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2020 Call for Nominations for MEA Board

Candidates to Stand for Election to the MEA Board of Directors. Today is the last day to nominate candidates for a 2020 MEA board member position. 

The Media Ecology Association’s Board of Directors consists of 12 members elected by the Association’s membership. The term of office is three years. Each year, three to four positions on the MEA’s Board of Directors come up for election/re-election, and you may nominate a member, or volunteer yourself as a nominee. You do not need to have prior board experience (of any type) to be nominated and elected to the board.

There are three elected positions to be filled this year:

  • MEA Vice President: The Vice-President Elect shall be elected by the general membership annually, and shall serve for a four-year period of service. In the second year, the Vice-President Elect will succeed to the office of Vice-President, in the third year to the office of President, and in the fourth year to the office of Immediate Past President. The Vice-President shall serve as the officer in charge of the annual convention and will either provide the site to host the convention, or will work in conjunction with the site host. Should the Office of the President become vacant after the conclusion of the annual convention, the Vice-President shall succeed to the presidency immediately. Prior to the convention, the Immediate Past President takes on the role of President if need be. Finally, the Vice-President Elect serves as the MEA’s liaison to other professional organizations, such as the Institute of General Semantics and the Canadian Communication Association, and ensures our presence and participation in their events.
  • Member-at-Large: This position replaces Stephanie Bennett and will run for three years from 2020 until 2022. Members at large help to promote the activities of the association, assist in the MEA’s legal and fiduciary matters, help to establish policies and direction and review programs which promote the aims of the Association, and help to recruit officer candidates for succession planning.
  • Newsletter Editor: This is a yearly elected position currently held by Scott Church. The term is for one year and begins January 2020. Besides the duties listed above for the members-at-large, the Newsletter Editor compiles, edits and disseminates the association’s newsletter, In Medias Res.
  • Recording Secretary: This is a yearly elected position currently held by Cathy Adams. The term is for one year and begins January 2020. Besides the duties listed above for the members-at-large, the Recording secretary records, collects and disseminates the discussions, activities and reports of the MEAboard meetings.

Nominees must be members in good standing of the MEA, and will be asked at a later time to provide a brief (100-150 word) statement about themselves and their interest in the MEA for inclusion with the ballots. The election will take place in October 2019, with the term of office beginning in January 2020.

Submit nominations or self-nominations for election to the MEA Board at:   2019election@media-ecology.net

More information regarding board positions may be found at the MEA website at media-ecology.org.

EME 18.3 is Now Available Online

Volume 18, Issue 3 of Explorations in Media Ecology, the official journal of the Media Ecology Association, is now available online, hard copies to be shipped later on. If you have not already paid your 2019 membership dues, you can still do so and get all 4 copies of Volume 18, as well as online access to the journal. We are currently finishing up 18.4, which will include a tribute to Eric McLuhan.

The content for EME 18.3 includes the following :


  • Lance Strate, “Marvelously Eclectic”


  • Morad Moazami, “Becoming the Beheld: Iran’s Media Ecology and the Question of Superficial Imitation”
  • Corey Anton, “The Relevance of R.D. Laing to the A.I. Movement, and to Media Ecology More Generally: Protection and the Feeling of Being Understood
  • Erik Garret, “Digiphrenia and the Divided Technological Self: A Critical Mapping of Modern Technological Diachronic Time
  • Jenna Brignola, “Therapy for the ‘Age of Anxiety’: Probing Connections Between R. D. Laing and Marshall McLuhan
  • Brian Crable, “The Trauma of our Symbolic Birth: Reading R. D. Laing through Jane Ellen Harrison and Media Ecology


  • Katherine Frye, “The Tribe Game: Media Ecology for Beginners”


  • Phillip Guddemi, A Multi-Party Imaginary Dialogue about Power and Cybernetics
  • Phillip Guddemi, “You are Adapting More to Me Than I Am Adapting to You” (But What Does More Mean?):  Cybernetic and Foucaultian Explorations of the Domain of Power


  • Judith Copithorne, Eight Poem-Drawings


  • Marshall McLuhan’s Mosaic by Elena Lamberti reviewed by Min Zhou
  • Understanding New Media; and McLuhan Misunderstood by Robert Logan reviewed by Phil Rose
  • Feeling Mediated: A History of Media Technology and Emotion in America by Brenton J. Malin reviewed by Matt Thomas
  • Harold Innis Reflects reviewed by Lance Strate
  • The Return of The Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry Are Remaking Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century by Dan Kennedy reviewed by James Morrison

MEA Member Achievements: Lance Strate


Lance Strate recently presented a public lecture: «Making the American Revolution Relevant Again: Reflections on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton». He presented at the 10th Annual Bernard B. Gilligan Memorial Lecture at Fordham University.

If you are interested in listening to this lecture, click here.

MEA Member Achievements: Fred Cheyunski


Fred Cheyunski’s article, “Developing a Small-Scale Graph Database: A Ten Step Learning Guide for Beginners”, has been published in The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy.

The presentation he made at the 2019 Convention, “A Graph Database and the Trivium: Broadening Media Ecology Inquiry for the Age of Brexit and Beyond,” built on and extended this article suggesting that those involved with Media Ecology might benefit from including such tools in our work.

If you are interested in reading this article, click here.


To submit your news to In Media Res, the official monthly newsletter of the Media Ecology Association, please click here for the submission form.

We are looking for news that is relevant to the members of MEA. This might include member achievements (i.e., journal publications, books, creative works, etc.), awards received,upcoming relevant conferences, recent books that MEA members should be aware of, web content that might interest MEA members, news about upcoming EME issues, calls for submissions, etc.

The deadline for submissions to be included in the next month’s newsletter is the 28th of every month at 5pm EST.

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