13,999 Volume 18, Issue 3, Explorations in Media Ecology

Volume 18, Issue 3 of Explorations in Media Ecology, the official journal of the Media Ecology Association, is now available online, hard copies to be shipped later on. If you have not already paid your 2019 membership dues, you can still do so and get all 4 copies of Volume 18, as well as online access to the journal. We are currently finishing up 18.4, which will include a tribute to Eric McLuhan.

Here are the contents for EME 18.3:

Lance Strate, Marvelously Eclectic

Morad Moazami, Becoming the Beheld: Iran´s Media Ecology and the Question of Superficial Imitation

Corey Anton, The Relevance of R.D. Laing to the A.I. Movement, and to
Media Ecology More Generally: Protection and the Feeling of Being Understood

Erik Garret, Digiphrenia and the Divided Technological Self: A Critical
Mapping of Modern Technological Diachronic Time

Jenna Brignola, Therapy for the Age of Anxiety: Probing Connections
Between R. D. Laing and Marshall McLuhan

Brian Crable, The Trauma of our Symbolic Birth: Reading R. D. Laing
through Jane Ellen Harrison and Media Ecology

Katherine Frye, The Tribe Game: Media Ecology for Beginners

Phillip Guddemi, A Multi-Party Imaginary Dialogue about Power and
Phillip Guddemi, You are Adapting More to Me Than I Am Adapting to You?
(But What Does More Mean?):  Cybernetic and Foucaultian Explorations of the
Domain of Power

Judith Copithorne, Eight Poem-Drawings

Marshall McLuhan´s Mosaic by Elena Lamberti reviewed by Min Zhou
Understanding New Media; and McLuhan Misunderstood by Robert Logan
reviewed by Phil Rose
Feeling Mediated: A History of Media Technology and Emotion in America by
Brenton J. Malin reviewed by Matt Thomas
Harold Innis Reflects reviewed by Lance Strate
The Return of The Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry Are Remaking
Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century by Dan Kennedy reviewed by James

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