13,957 The Drum Beat 776, July 17 2019, Voices from The CI’s E-Communities


The Drum Beat 776
July 17, 2019
Voices from The CI’s E-Communities





In this issue:


The Communication Initiative (The CI) has a number of communities and networks that provide registered users with the opportunity to raise, discuss, and debate issues and happenings across the full spectrum of people-centred development.

In this Drum Beat, we feature some recent contributions and reference some of the past discussions – to which you can still contribute, of course. Please do open, log in (there is a password recovery process if you have forgotten!), and contribute.

From The Communication Initiative Network – where communication and media are central to social and economic development.
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  • 1. An Evidence-based Strategy and Investment Paper for Consideration by the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF)
    – A contribution by Warren Feek
    “…The theme of the HLPF 2019 is ‘empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality’. Those principles, as rights and as challenges, are at the centre of social change, behaviour change, informed and engaged societies initiatives….[W]e have compiled a selection of compelling (data/results; solid methodologies) research-derived evidence for the impact of these principles and strategies….From this data and experience,…we would welcome discussion and debate…”
    Read more here.
  • 2. Social Norms Practical Guide
    – A contribution by Vincent Petit
    “I am pleased to share for use and feedback ‘Everybody wants to belong – a practical guide to tackling and leveraging social norms in behavior change programming’…”
    Read more here.
  • 3. Want to Change the World? Start with Media that Reaches Young People in Sub-Saharan Africa
    – A contribution by Aric Noboa
    “…Discovery Learning Alliance commissioned the Research, Insight and Evaluation team at M&C Saatchi World Services to help us deepen our understanding of the rapidly changing media consumption habits of young people in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. The study offers a new analysis of existing data on youth media habits, alongside newly conducted targeted interviews with relevant experts…”
    Read more here.
  • 4. Social Change Anthology – Historical and Contemporary Readings
    – A contribution by Denise Gray-Felder
    “…the Communication for Social Change Anthology: Historical and Contemporary Readings anthology…brings together thinking by more than 150 communication for social change experts….We have extra copies…available in English and Spanish for universities and social change practitioners…”
    Read more here.
  • 5. Creating a Network of Young Environmental Journalists
    – A contribution by Victor Ramos
    “The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) together with UNDP are putting together a project that aims at creating a network of young environmental journalists…”
    Read more here.
  • 6. Masters in Social Change Communication
    – A contribution by Thomas Tufte
    “…new Communication for Social Change courses and research at Loughborough University London…”
    Read more here.
  • 7. Zambia Media – Choose Statutory Media Regulation
    – A contribution by Mthoniswa Banda
    “…after two days of heated debates, proposals and counter proposals, lectures and point of clarifications, the over 220 delegates gathered at Media Regulations Insaka held at the Golden Peacock Hotel in Lusaka, unanimously voted to have the media in Zambia self-regulated under the law…”
    Read more here.
  • 8. Agriculture – Why Invest in ICTs?
    – A contribution by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)
    “…welcome your review this CTA Discussion Paper…and the posting and sharing through the comments block of your critique, ideas and suggestions in support of all seeking to use ICTs [information and communication technologies] for improved agriculture and other development priorities…”
    Read more here.
  • 9. Equality Fund
    – A contribution by Warren Feek
    “…I have been following the development and now announcement of the Equality Fund – $300 million initially with others expected to buy-in and create a larger fund. From the gender equity perspective this fund…[sets out]: ‘…to create a long-term and self-sustaining source of funding for women’s organizations and movements in developing countries…’ [and] ‘…to ensure that funding flows to those organizations on the ground who are doing great work on shoestring budgets…’…&quot
    Read more here.

Video Stories about Human Trafficking of Girls in India

July 30 is the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. In light of this commemoration, you may be interested in a playlist of videos – Ending Trafficking in India, One Story at a Time – created through a collaboration between the Indian non-governmental organisation (NGO) Shakti Vahini, the U.S. Consulate General Kolkata, StoryCenter, and Theater Alliance.

The videos emerged from an intensive, 5-day workshop in which mentors in performative and digital storytelling were guided to support a group of women impacted by human trafficking to tell their personal stories. They depict not only the harsh realities of trafficking in India, but how people are taking action against it, and how women are rebuilding their lives in its aftermath. The videos are being shared across India and in settings around the world to prompt conversation and action that can lead to an end to human trafficking and all forms of gender-based violence. Click here to access them.


  • 10. DFID, Transparency Revolution and Independent Media
    – A contribution by James Deane 
    “The UK Department for International Development’s commitment to undertake a ‘transparency revolution’ is welcome….’Open Aid, Open Societies: a vision for a transparent world’ sets out a fresh set of commitments to close loopholes that allow corruption to be hidden; support efforts to make DFID’s partner governments more open and transparent, and scale up DFID’s broader support for transparency and accountability efforts…”
    See the substantial comments and critique here.
  • 11. Draft – Summit Declaration – FOR YOUR REVIEW AND COMMENT!
    – A contribution by Warren Feek
    “…The SDGs [Sustainable Development Goals] will not be met…unless individuals and communities are informed, engaged and empowered to demand and participate in change and in improving their own lives. All voices, including those often unheard, must be amplified in this process…”
    See the substantial comments and critique here.
  • 12. Syllabi: Communication for Social Change?
    – A contribution by Yvonne MacPherson
    “I’ll be teaching a course on communication for social change this fall and am working on the course reading list. I’d welcome any suggestions of good scholarly articles and other resources to add…”
    See the substantial comments and critique here.
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