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MEA 2019 is Happening This Month!

As you attend the conference, please create and post your own content in support of MEA. Don’t forget to include the official hashtags #MEA2019 and #MediaEthics. If you have pictures from the conference that you would like to share, please send them to Scott Church, the MEA Newsletter Editor, at newsletter@media-ecology.org

We look forward to seeing all of you this month in Toronto! 


A message from MEA President Paul Grosswiler

“Media ecology ethics” has very little in common with “media ethics” minus the “ecology,” as I understand it. Neil Postman intriguingly wrote, tucked at the end of a paragraph in the Amusing Ourselves to Death chapter on Media as Epistemology, that: “As a culture moves from orality to writing to printing to televising, its ideas of truth move with it.” Thirty years later, our ideas of truth have moved from television culture to digital media culture’s memes and fake news, tweets and alternative facts, smart technologies and post-truth. Postman knew the futility of trying to retreat from or control the content of our media environment. He, as always, advocated education. Let’s think about how media ecology ethics can help us understand where our moving ideas of truth are taking us and how to respond to our digital media culture ethically.

MEA Member Spotlight – Julia Hildebrand

Congratulations to Julia M. Hildebrand, our recently elected MEA Member-at-Large, for earning her PhD in Communication, Culture, and Media at Drexel University! Her dissertation titled “Consumer Drones as Mobile Media: A Technographic Study of Seeing, Moving, and Being (with) Drones” received additional recognition with Drexel University’s Outstanding Dissertation Award.

In her research, Julia bridges key frameworks of media ecology with critical mobilities research and science and technology studies. Her work has been published in journals such as Explorations in Media Ecology, Media, Culture, & Society, Digital Culture & Society, and Transfers. 

This fall, she will take up a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor in Communication at Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

MEA Members Represented @ ICA 2019

For more information and additional photos from ICA, click here.




Of Interest: Summit at Berkeley Starts Tomorrow

The International Society for the Study of Information (IS4SI) will be holding its 2019 Summit / Conference at U C Berkeley this coming summer — June 2-6 2019. IS4SI has a wide international membership both from Europe and Asia and for the first time it will be holding its biennial Summit in the US. This year’s theme of the Summit: “Where is the I in AI and the meaning in information” is intended to encourage discussion of some of the most fundamental questions of both information technology and human communication and knowledge.

The summit will include a number of subthemes and mini-conferences covering diverse topics related to the information sciences. One of the mini-conferences will be of special interest to Media Ecologists titled Future of the Global InfoSphere, organized by Robert K. Logan and Ed Tywoniak, and featuring noted cosmologist Brian Swimme.

Following is a brief description of the Future of the Global InfoSphere session hosted by Logan and Tywoniak. Many scholars have predicted the emergence of an autonomously adaptive global intelligence, whether by design or just incidental to our rush to adopt information technologies of ever-greater power and autonomy. They take seriously the possibility that our technological advances could produce a sort of worldwide IT super-organism or global mind, as this network of intelligent systems becomes increasingly interlinked and autonomous. Variations on this theme have been echoed in discussions of a possible computational “singularity” and in speculations about the growth of a global pan human “noosphere.”

Recent Accomplishments by MEA Members

Susan B. Barnes presented a paper called “The Davenport Brothers’ Mediumship: Scientific Fact or Magical Fiction” at Leeds Trinity University on Friday 31 May 2019.

Also, a second edition of her book “An Introduction to Visual Communication” was published by Peter Lang. The original edition was an MEA award winner.


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We are looking for news that is relevant to the members of MEA. This might include member achievements (i.e., journal publications, books, creative works, etc.), awards received,upcoming relevant conferences, recent books that MEA members should be aware of, web content that might interest MEA members, news about upcoming EME issues, calls for submissions, etc.

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