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From Chipatala to Raho Swachch Jiyo!

  1. Chipatala Cha Pa Foni (CCPF) Project – Malawi – presented by VillageReach
  1. Communication for Transformation: Action Media – Global Experiences and Practice – presented by Warren Parker
  1. How SMS-Based Surveys Were Used in the Rapid Response to the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia: Potential for Future Applications – presented by Amanda Berman
  1. Development of the AMENI Model for Improving Maternal and Newborn Child Health – Outcomes among Apostolic Religious Groups in Zimbabwe – presented by Mandi Chikombero
  1. Outcome Evaluation of the Safe Love Campaign in Zambia Using Propensity Score Matching: Positive Effects on Condom Use and HIV Testing – presented by Answell Chipukuma
  1. Resetting Beliefs about HIV Risk among Low-Income South African Teens – presented by Karina Lorenzana
  1. From The Initiation Hut to The Clinic Via the Pulpit: A Case of Integrating Culture, Religion and Health in Marriage Counseling – presented by Chancy Mauluka and colleagues
  1. Bhanchhin Aama: The Role of Formative Research in Informing the Nepal Bhanchhin Aama ‘Mother Knows Best’ Nutrition Campaign – presented by Carol Underwood and colleagues
  1. Using Triggering to Stop an Epidemic – presented by Katharine Owen
  1. Gender, Power and Communicative Action: Qualitative Findings from Selected Nepali Communities – presented by igras
  1. Punta Fuego: Entertainment-Education Radio Drama Promotes Sustainable Fisheries in Belize – presented by Sean Southey
  1. When the Drum Beats: Radio Drama as a Vehicle for Behaviour Change in Climate Change Adaptation amongst Rural Small Holder Farmers – presented by Helen Hambly Odame and colleagues
  1. Raho Swachch Jiyo Mast Campaign – presented by – Meenakshi Khanna

Finally a quick reminder about the dialogue we will commence amongst the community of people who attended or are interested in the knowledge shared at the Summit. Please join at the link provided if you are not already a participant in that community.

Thanks and best wishes,

Warren Feek
Executive Director
The Communication Initiative
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July 12, 2016



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