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Networks are vitally important for progress across all local, national, and international development issues and challenges. The Communication Initiative (CI) is a network of over 80,000 engaged or interested in communication and media for development/social and behavioural change. The network ranges from people working in their local communities to senior policymakers at the international level.

To identify and contact people who have interests in common with your work and perhaps have capacities, skills, knowledge, and insight that can add value to your efforts, please access and search the network at this link.

From The Communication Initiative Network – where communication and media are central to social and economic development
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1. Viola Nuwaha – Farm Radio International – Uganda
A computer scientist by profession, Viola has built websites, done graphic design, mentored girls in information and communication technology (ICT) at Women in Technology Uganda and is currently Farm Radio International Uganda’s ICT Officer and manager of social media for Techjaja, which aims to promote local tech content to Ugandans and the continent at large.
Click here to read more about Viola’s work and to contact her.
2. Nina Jurna – Nina Jurna Productions – Brazil
Nina’s work as a multinational media and communication specialist in print and broadcast journalism, as well as film and documentary production, has taken her to Colombia, Peru, Chili, Venezuela, Brazil, Netherland Antilles, Aruba, and Suriname to cover and produce numerous news and cultural and documentary pieces.
Click here to read more about Nina’s work and to contact her.
3. Anusha de Silva – International Water Management Institute (IWMI)- Sri Lanka
Anusha is Senior Human Resources Administrator at IWMI, a non-profit, scientific research organisation focusing on the sustainable use of water and land resources in developing countries. It works in partnership with governments, civil society, and the private sector to develop scalable agricultural water management solutions.
Click here to read more about Anusha’s work and to contact her.
4. Lusizi Kambalame – University of Malawi, Chancellor College – Malawi
Lusizi teaches drama and media for development communication. Her areas of interest are development broadcasting, especially entertainment-education, using participatory methods. She has worked as a development communication consultant for local and international NGOs in Malawi in the areas of HIV/AIDS, public health, and nutrition.
Click here to read more about Lusizi’s work and to contact her.
5. Veena Kumari – UNICEF – India
Amongst other work, Veena has devised a routine immunisation communication strategy for the state of Assam and a strategic communication plan based on use of community mobilisation tools for adolescent empowerment. She has also worked on advocacy, with a focus on adolescents as change agents.
Click here to read more about Veena’s work and to contact her.
6. Tania Zaman – Plan International – Bangladesh
Tania is Deputy Chief of Party, Protecting Human Rights Program (PHR), designed to reduce domestic violence, child marriage, dowry, sexual harassment, etc. in Bangladesh. PHR is at the end of the 4th year of the programme and is seeking to highlight the achievements and impact of the programme and to connect with other organisations working on gender-based violence.
Click here to read more about Tania’s work and to contact her.
7. Izabela Moi – Stanford University (United States), International, and Brazil
Izabela is a journalist who believes that education is the only way to improve and fight for social justice. She has trained young journalists and joined the blog Mural project. She also helped launch a website that brings the voices of young women to the flow of information about São Paulo, Brazil.
Click here to read more about Izabela’s work and to contact her.
8. George Murewa – Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) – East and Southern Africa
George is Regional IT (information technology) Officer at REPSSI, a non-profit organisation working to lessen the social and emotional impact of poverty, conflict, and HIV/AIDS among children and youth across East and Southern Africa.
Click here to read more about George’s work and to contact him.
9. Ann Olson – Internews Network – Ukraine
Ann has been a journalist, journalism trainer, and NGO manager for over 30 years. In the past 12 years, she has focused on international work, with interests ranging from media development to growth of democracy based on her work throughout Eurasia, Southeast Asia, and Southern Africa.
Click here to read more about Ann’s work and to contact her.
10. Amy L. Hill – Center for Digital Storytelling (United States) and International
A trainer and consultant on the ethics and practice of strategic storytelling and participatory media, Amy founded Silence Speaks, which uses oral history, facilitative filmmaking, and popular education strategies to document injustice and promote change in countries such as South Africa, Brazil, Uganda, Nepal, Guatemala, and Tajikistan.
Click here to read more about Amy’s work and to contact her.

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11. Anton Schneider – FHI 360 – Indonesia
Throughout Asia, Anton has designed and managed communication-led programmes addressing issues such as HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, family planning, and reproductive health. His work includes formative, motivational, pretesting, and other types of audience research to develop communication materials and strategies.
Click here to read more about Anton’s work and to contact him.
12. Eddy Buranakul – Feed the Minds (United Kingdom and International) – projects in South and Central Asia
Eddy manages a programme on maternal health and rural development, with a focus on the use of education to improve and empower lives and livelihoods in developing countries. Eddy is interested in market drivers, social arrangements, and policies that support stakeholders and the factors that become barriers to collective action.
Click here to read more about Eddy’s work and to contact him.
13. Ian C. Maliseni – Urunji Child-Care Trust – Malawi
Ian is Executive Director of an NGO that seeks to address problems that lead to improper treatment or conditions in children’s lives by engaging with the community – e.g., by working with partners to provide a legal aid clinic for victimised women.
Click here to read more about Ian’s work and to contact him.
14. Michael Bengwayan – Cordillera Ecological Center – Philippines
Michael is Director of an NGO working on issues such as indigenous people’s rights, natural resource management, environmental conservation, and sustainable agriculture.
Click here to read more about Michael’s work and to contact him.
15. Yasser Abureida – Community Bridge Initiative (CBI) – Gaza Strip
Yasser manages an organisation whose programmes are designed to begin the process of healing the hopelessness felt by families and communities devastated by conflict and disaster. CBI focuses on employment generation, small-scale construction and water and sanitation projects, and training and business development.
Click here to read more about Yasser’s work and to contact him.
16. Kris Rampersad – Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women – Trinidad and Tobago
Kris is a freelance writer and producer with some 22 years experience in radio and television production and script writing, including documentaries, docudrama, and biographies. She has also been a journalist, columnist, and author of the book Finding A Place, which maps diasporic trends with exploration of the language adaptation by migrant Indians to Trinidad.
Click here to read more about Kris’s work and to contact her.
17. Sally Robertson – Uganda Networks
Sally is Website Administrator of Uganda Networks, a new partnership between Uganda Development Services, Uganda Church Association, and other Uganda charities seeking to encourage partnerships between NGOs working in Uganda, with the aim of developing good practice and avoiding wasted effort.
Click here to read more about Sally’s work and to contact her.
18. Mamoletsane Khati – Panos Institute Southern Africa (PSAf)
Mamoletsane manages the development and implementation of PSAf’s health programmes. Previously, she worked as a Project Manager at CARE South Africa/Lesotho, focusing on sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) programming for most-at-risk groups – including counselling for vulnerable youth.
Click here to read more about Mamoletsane’s work and to contact her.
19. Kelly Royds – University of New South Wales – Australia
A PhD candidate, Kelly is also a programme coordinator with ChildFund Australia and coordinator of ChildFund Connect, a global education programme that connects children in Australia, Laos, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam through shared media learning projects.
Click here to read more about Kelly’s work and to contact her.
20. Amy Boyd – Fordham University – United States
Amy is a communications professional and video editor specialising in creating outreach materials and videos designed to inform, entertain, and fundraise. She recently contributed to the community outreach campaign for The Whole Gritty City, a film about youth in marching bands overcoming inner-city struggles in post-Katrina (a deadly hurricane) New Orleans.
Click here to read more about Amy’s work and to contact her.
This issue of The Drum Beat was written by Kier Olsen DeVries.

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