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Swiss, French & German scientists develop miniature artificial insect eyes which could help prevent accidents
(14 August 2013) Scientists in Switzerland, Germany, and France explored how the insect eye works and designed and built the first fully-functional miniature curved artificial compound eyes. The “CURVACE” project received EUR 2 million in EU funding to develop the miniature “insect” eyes, which have high industrial potential in mobile robotics, smart clothing and medical applications.

Commission announces EUR 13.7 million boost to cross-border digital public services
(14 August 2013) Following the successful collaboration between EU Member States, industry, national administrations, academia, the private sector and local communities on a series of projects to make living, working, travelling, studying and doing business across borders easier, the European Commission is making a EUR 13.7 million investment to further develop cross-border digital public services. The new “e-SENS” project (Electronic Simple European Networked Services) will help develop digital public services which make it easier for companies to do business in their own Member State and elsewhere in the EU -including setting up a company, fulfilling legal requirements and taking part in public tenders. It will also link up national digital services for citizens who visit a different Member State on holiday, or for work or study.

Europeans seek ever more mobile bandwidth, but they worry about cost
(13 August 2013) While Europeans are open to the opportunities offered by new tools and services, as illustrated by the figures for new internet subscriptions and use of the internet for making voice calls, they still think twice before picking up the phone or going online because of the cost of these services.

Commission questions Italian regulator’s method of regulating prices for broadband services
(12 August 2013) The European Commission has invoked the EU review mechanism in the case of plans by the Italian telecoms regulator (AGCOM) to change current wholesale broadband prices, as such changes would negatively affect operators’ ability to plan and decide on their prices in Italy.

Commission suspends Portuguese regulator’s proposal on remedies in the fixed termination market
(12 August 2013) The European Commission has suspended a proposal from the Portuguese telecoms regulator (ANACOM) concerning regulatory remedies for the fixed termination market as it has serious concerns on the scope of the proposed access obligation.

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