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Commission welcomes Dutch regulator’s proposal on fixed and mobile phone termination rates
(1 August 2013) The European Commission has endorsed the proposal of the Dutch telecoms regulator (ACM) concerning fixed and mobile termination rates. This proposal will bring termination rates – the fees operators charge each other to deliver calls from other networks – down to levels comparable with most other Member States. Since termination rates ultimately influence call prices paid by end users, and Dutch consumers already pay amongst the highest prices for phone calls in Europe, ACM’s decision will have a positive effect on consumers and businesses in the Netherlands, while helping to create the conditions for a telecoms single market.

Europe loves Wi-Fi: new study recommends more spectrum should be made available
(1 August 2013) A new European Commission study has found that people are flocking to use Wi-Fi internet and the trend is set to continue. 71% of all EU wireless data traffic in 2012 was delivered to smartphones and tablets using Wi-Fi, possibly rising to 78% by 2016. The surprising results show how the cheaper cost to consumers of using Wi-Fi hotspots is changing behaviour, and the study recommends extra spectrum be made available across the EU to support this rising demand.
Study on the importance of Wi-Fi & the socioeconomic benefits of using small cell infrastructures:https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/news/study-importance-wi-fi-socioeconomic-benefits-using-small-cell-infrastructures

The backbone for European science gets stronger: 100Gbps internet for individual researchers
(31 July 2013) GEANT, the superfast pan-European research network that helped discover the Higgs Boson, announced today that it could reach speeds up to 2Tbps (terabits per second) thanks to a major network upgrade. From today, capacity of up to 500Gbps is available across the core network. This means individual users across 32,000 universities, higher education institutes, research institutes, schools, libraries, museums, national archives and hospitals can transfer data at speeds of up to 100Gbps.

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Digital Agenda Assembly 2013 – Reports and videos
The Digital agenda Assembly 2013 report is now available along with the individual workshop reports. DAA 2013 video highlights and individual recordings of the workshops and plenary session are also available on our website as well as photographs from the event.

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