9899 The Communication Initiative, The Drum Beat Network, FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES

To: The Drum Beat Network
From: Warren Feek – Executive Director – The Communication Initiative


Greetings Octavio

We know how difficult it can be to raise the funds you need to support your very important work. Below, in support of your efforts, please find information on 4 funding opportunities related to which USAID, Ford Foundation, Swedish Sida and the Norwegian Development Agency presently seek proposals. Please note, in addition to this kind of information flowing through the home pages on the platformhttp://www.comminit.com they also flow through The CI Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Communication-Initiative-Network/344005148956579 (Please Like!) and Twitter feed athttps://twitter.com/warrencomminit (Please follow!) You can share to your own networks (e.g. your Facebook page and/or Twitter feed) through the links at the top of each summary.

Related to our own CI/Drum Beat funding needs please do review The CI Associates programme athttp://www.comminit.com/global/content/join-ci-assoc If your organisaiton/work gain added value from The CI process and you are able to contribute to this common good that would be excellent. (With many thanks to all who have become Associates). I have also included below Victoria’s more extensive note re The CI Associates programme. Please do email me at wfeek@comminit.com with your decision and/or questions Thanks – Warren


1. Development Innovation Ventures – “…aims to find and support breakthrough solutions to development challenges.  Through this grant programme funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), DIV invests in these ideas, tests them using analytical methods, and scales solutions to…” further details at

2. NORHED Seed Funding – “…invites collaborative higher education institution partnerships to submit proposals for seed funding for partnerships projects in the Norwegian Programme for Capacity Building in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED). NORHED seed funding… further details at

3. Advancing Public Service Media Grant – “These Ford Foundation grants are a component of the foundation’s efforts to promote social justice, build healthy communities, and contribute to an engaged and active citizenry. Grant support is available…” Further details at

4. Call for Proposals: ICT for Democracy and Freedom of Expression (already share with ICT4D network folks) – “Sida [Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency] invites civic organisations and other relevant actors to apply for funding for initiatives where information and communication technology (ICT) is being used to support democracy…” Further details at

Thanks and good luck – Warren

Warren Feek
Executive Director
The Communication Initiative


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