9865 The Communication Initiative, Development Classifieds, September 19 2012

Development Classifieds – September 19 2012

from The Communication Initiative partnership
…where communication and media are central to social and economic development…

Welcome to the Market Place for International Development!

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Job Vacancies

Training and Events



Books, Videos, Journals


Development Classifieds is an initiative of The Communication Initiative which includes listings of any development-related jobs, consultants, requests for proposals (RFPs), events, training opportunities, and books, journals, or videos for sale. We have initiated this process in order to support the sustainability of The Communication Initiative (The CI).

The next issue of the Development Classifieds E-magazine will be October 3rd. Please submit items as soon as possible to ensure inclusion. To view Development Classifieds listings that are not listed in this particular publication but are active and freely accessible, please see http://www.comminit.com/ci-classifieds

Note to all candidates applying – please reference the Development Classifieds when communicating to recruiters. Thanks for your attention. We wish you much success.


Job Vacancies

1. Communications Officer – Asian Development Bank – Philippines
Deadline: September 25 2012

2. Director, Global Internet Policy – Internews – Washington, DC, United States
Deadline: September 30 2012

3. Executive Director – Panos London – London, United Kingdom
Deadline: October 8 2012

4. Director, D-2, Division of Communication – UNICEF – New York, NY, United States
Deadline: October 15 2012

5. Project Director: Physical and Digital Security for Journalists – Internews – Washington, DC, United States
No deadline at present

6. Senior Evaluation Specialist – InterMedia – Washington, DC, United States
No deadline at present

7. Associate Director, Financial Inclusion Research Unit (FIRU) – InterMedia – Washington, DC, United States
No deadline at present

8. Project Director – Internews Europe – Pakistan
No deadline at present

9. China: Innovation in Communication Project Director – Internews – Beijing, China
No deadline at present

10. South Sudan/Sudan: Project Director – Information Access for Abyei – Internews Network – Abyei, Sudan
No deadline at present

11. Chief of Party, Cambodia Technology and Media Program – IREX – Cambodia
No deadline at present

12. Africa Research and Consulting Director – InterMedia – Nairobi, Kenya
No deadline at present

13. Chief of Party (Project Director) – FHI 360 – Amman, Jordan
No deadline at present

See http://www.comminit.com/job_vacancies for the complete listing of Vacancies posted on the Development Classifieds website.

All posted vacancies are freely available for review.

If you would like to list your vacancies, please contact Jennifer Savidge – jsavidge@comminit.com



The deadline for posting to the next issue of the Development Classifieds e-magazine is Monday, October 1st, 2012. Please post your vacant positions, RFPs, training opportunities, events, consultant details, and available books, videos, and journals ASAP!

Please send your posting to Jennifer Savidge at jsavidge@comminit.com and we will post your listing to the Development Classifieds website within 1 business day of receipt.


Training and Event Opportunities

14. Human Rights-Based Approaches for Programming – Oct 22-26 2012 – Arusha, Tanzania

15. Exposure Learning Tour to Uganda – December 8-18 2012 – Uganda

16. The 2013 Summer Institute on Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioral Impact (IMC/COMBI) in Health and Social Development – July 8-26 2013 – New York City, USA

See http://www.comminit.com/training_classifieds for the complete listing of Training events posted on the Development Classifieds website.

All posted training opportunities are freely available for review.

If you would like to list your training and events, please contact Jennifer Savidge – jsavidge@comminit.com



See http://www.comminit.com/consultants for the complete listing of consultants posted on the Development Classifieds website.

All posted information about consultants is freely available for review.

If you would like to list your consultancy, please contact Jennifer Savidge – jsavidge@comminit.com


Requests For Proposals (RFPs)

Please see http://www.comminit.com/requests_for_proposals for the complete listing of RFPs posted on the Development Classifieds website.

All posted RFPs are freely available for review.

If you would like to list your request for proposals, please contact Jennifer Savidge –jsavidge@comminit.com


Please forward this e-magazine to your staff networks and encourage them to use/register for the Development Classifieds process in support of their work, professional development, and/or staff recruitment!


Books, Videos, and Journals

17. Blood on the Stone: Greed, Corruption and War in the Global Diamond Trade – Anthem Press/IDRC

18. The Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All

See http://www.comminit.com/books-for-sale for the complete listing of books, videos, and journals posted on the Development Classifieds website.

All posted books, videos, and journals are freely available for review.

If you would like to list your vacancies books, videos, and journals, please contact Jennifer Savidge –jsavidge@comminit.com



For more information about promoting jobs, consultants, requests for proposals (RFPs), events, training opportunities, and books, journals, or videos, please see http://www.comminit.com/ci-classifieds

Please contact Jennifer Savidge at jsavidge@comminit.com to submit your listings.
Development Classifieds includes material for which organisations have paid for placement. Inclusion of an item does not imply endorsement or support by The CI Partners.


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