8029 Media Ecology, Lance Strate, public lecture at SAINT MARY’S COLLEGE, San Francisco

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, LANCE STRATE, will be giving a public lecture at SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18th at 7PM. Lance will be discussing his newest book The Binding Biases of Time: And Other Essays on General Semantics and Media Ecology. Directions to Saint Mary's College can be found at the following... Leer más →

7642 Estados Unidos, Media at the Center, A McLuhan Centenary Event, Fordham University, Lance Strate

Here’s some advance notice of our contribution to this year’s festivities. We’ll have a web page up about it soon, and I’ll share the URL when it is. The Sept. 17th Symposium will feature a keynote by Eric McLuhan; talks on new media by Paul Levinson, Bob Logan, and Bob Blechman; a session on McLuhan... Leer más →

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