18,448 Call for Chapters: The Handbook of Digital Labor

We’d like to call for chapter submissions to The Handbook of Digital Labor, which we are editing for the IAMCR Global Handbooks in Media & Communication Research series, to be published by Wiley.

Despite the generic title, we designed this handbook to chart rapidly changing global labor conditions, challenge boundaries between “online” vs “off-line” labor, and be a resource book that addresses key debates surrounding perennial and urgent concerns about labor questions in contemporary capitalism from a global perspective. While this handbook will build on existing work, it stresses the reconceptualization of digital labor in various contexts, connecting them across the sectors and generations, and is intended to contribute to structural analysis and intellectual praxis toward emancipatory movements. 

This handbook is organized around four themes that are defined historically, technologically, and internationally in the realms of work and control, solidarity politics, pedagogy, and imaginaries:

1. Labor Under Capitalism

2. Digital Technologies, Work and Control

3. Solidarity Politics and the Working-Class Majority

4. Pedagogy, Imaginary and Emancipation

In this project, we investigate foundational labor questions as well as emerging and/or persistent patterns of labor and labor organization under new conditions such as digital platforms, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), the ”gig” economy, new divisions of labor, and alternative developments.

If you are interested, please email a 200-word abstract to us by April 15, 2023. You may choose to submit your chapter to any of the four themes above, or we can make a decision after reading your abstract. You will be informed about the review and selection result by May 15, 2023. If selected, you will need to submit the full chapter, consisting of 6,000 – 8,000 words by August 15, 2023.

Do not hesitate to contact us at jack.qiu@ntu.edu.sg We look forward to learning about your work on digital labor issues. Please also help us spread the word. Thank you!

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