18,767 New Deadline for Articles and Reviews for NExJ 3(1) aka Issue #4 & An Out Reach Campaign and Initiative: Developing a Subscriber List

Dear Explorers  – 2 announcements
1. I have extended the deadline for Articles and Reviews for NExJ 3(1) aka Issue #4.
The new deadline is March 15, 2022

Papers that have already been accepted for publication in Issue #4 are available in the preprint section  of our blog at https://newexplorations.net/category/preprints/.

So, the delay in the release of Issue #4 will not slow down your access to articles accepted for publication for Issue #4.2. An Out Reach Initiative: Developing a Subscriber ListI would like to develop a subscribers’ list for our journal. So far the main readers of NExJ have been the community of the NExJ Editorial Board and members of the MEA list serve as we have announced each new issue of NExJ with the MEA list. Could you share the following announcement with your circle of email contacts in academe and your students and send me a list of those that respond to your invitation.I will send this announcement to the MEA listserv. Please let me know if you are willing to engage in this campaign so I have an idea of what to expect in terms of new subscribers.

Please email this invitation to your contacts:

As a member of the Editorial Board of the journal New Explorations: Studies in Culture and Communication (NExJ)a revival of the Carpenter McLuhan journal Explorations: Studies in Culture and Communication that ran from 1957 to 1972, I invite you to check out our journal and consider submitting an article or a review. Our journal and its first 3 issues dating back to 2020 can be accessed at https://jps.library.utoronto.ca/index.php/nexj/index.We also have a blog associated with our journal at that can be access at newexplorations.net. You will find at our blog a preprint section in which the articles that have been accepted for publication in our next issue (Issue # 4) are available. The blog contains interesting articles about McLuhan and Carpenter, poetry, essays, and community notes. The 23 Issues of the original Carpenter McLuhan journal Explorations are available online at https://newexplorations.net/about/the-23-issues-of-explorations-available-online/. This is a valuable resource for McLuhan scholars and media ecologists.
If you are interested in our journal NExJ please sent me an email and/or to our editor Bob Logan (logan@physics.utoronto.ca) and we will put you on our mailing/subscriber list. And if you wish to submit an article or review for publication in our peer reviewed journal please sent it to Bob Logan at logan@physics.utoronto.ca and he will have it peer reviewed.

 Here for your information is the NExJ Mission Statement

The New Explorations: Studies in Culture and Communication journal project is inspired by the original journal Explorations: Studies in Culture and Communication. The first eight issues of Explorations were published between 1953 and 1957 at the University of Toronto and edited by Edmund Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan. A ninth issue was published in 1959 and was edited by Edmund Carpenter alone. Marshall McLuhan then edited issues 10 to 32 between 1964 and 1972 that appeared as inserts in the alumni magazines of the University of Toronto, with issues number 10 through19 appearing in the Varsity Graduate magazine and issues 20 through 32 appearing in the University of Toronto Graduate magazine.  

We hope to recapture the spirit of the original Explorations journal that had such an important influence in the development of the Toronto School of Communication. Just as the founders of Explorations were focused on the new electric technologies of their times, primarily television and mainframe computers, our focus is on the new and emerging technologies of our times.

Our approach to these studies is that of media ecology as developed by Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, Ted Carpenter, Walter Ong, Neil Postman and a host of other media ecologists and communication theorists, but need not be limited to that. While we honour the past, we need not dwell there. We invite contributors to this journal to break new ground, to probe and wrestle with pressing concerns, to generate, amplify and provoke. We will study the impact of current media and make use of multimedia technologies to organize the activities of our open access online journal and project, as described below.

Our mission parallels that of the original Explorations. The first paragraph of our mission statement is identical to that of the original Explorations, but the second paragraph takes into account the multimedia environment in which we now live. New Explorations, like the original Explorations, is designed:

…not as a permanent reference journal that embalms truth for posterity, but as a publication that explores and searches and questions. We envision a series that will cut across the humanities and social sciences by treating them as a continuum. We believe anthropology and communications are approaches, not bodies of data, and that within each of the four winds of the humanities, the physical, the biological and the social sciences intermingle to form a ‘science of man’ (Ted Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan. 1953. Explorations: Studies in Culture and Communication 1, iii) or, more currently, a ‘science of human nature’. Here is the list of Editorial Board members

   Editorial Team


Robert K. Logan

Associate Editors

Michael Edmunds

Steven Hicks

Agnes Kruchio

Alex Kuskis

Adam Pugen

Ruthanne Wrobel

Peter Zhang

International Associate Editors

Associate Editor New York:      Prof. Paul Levinson

Associate Editor Europe:           Prof. Derrick de Kerckhove

Associate Editor Brazil:              Prof. Adriana Braga

Associate Editor Ecuador          Prof. Octavio Islas

Archivist and Associate Editor

Bill Kuhns

Journal Production Manager and Associate Editor

Clinton Ignatov

Former Journal Production Manager 

Tim Buell whose contribution was key in the development of the inaugural issue of NExJ and is therefore greatly appreciated. 

Blog Production Managers and Editors

Adam Pugen

Steven Hicks

Editorial Board Members

Lynne Alexandrova               OISE U, University of Toronto

Joel Alleyne                             Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

Neil Andersen                        Association for Media Literacy

Corey Anton                            Grand Valley University

Carol Arcus                              Association for Media Literacy

Sergei Basbaum                     Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Pãulo

Rea Beaumont                        Concert Pianist and Composer, University of Toronto

Eva Berger                               COMAS, Israel

Adriana Braga                         Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Claire Brunet                           OCAD University                                                   

Jason Buccheri                        Discovery Education

Dennis Cali                              University of Texas, Tyler

Maria Collier de Mendonça  Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE)

Tom Cooper                             Emerson College Boston                                          

Cristina Miranda de Almeida University of the Basque Countrym

Marcel Danesi                          University of Toronto

Mary Donohue                         Digital Psychologist

Derrick de Kerckhove              Polytechnic Institute of Milan, School of Design

Malcolm Dean                          University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Carmine Di Martino                University of Milan Department of Philosophy

John Dowd                                Bowling Green State University, Ohio

Michael Edmunds                    University of Toronto

Bruce Elder                              Ryerson University

Howard R. Engel                     The Marshall McLuhan Initiative, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Alyssa Fisher                            Western Governors University

John Fraim                                Midnight Oil Studios

Geri Forsberg                          Western Washington University

George Garlock                       CBC Emeritus

Donald Gillies                          Ryerson University

Gordon Gow                            University of Alberta

Paolo Granata                         St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto

Sal Greco                                 Ryerson University

Francesco Guardiani             St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto

Fernando Ignacio Gutiérrez  Technológico de Monterrey

Jerry Harp                                Lewis & Clark University – Portland

Steven Hicks                            Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

Arthur Hunt                               University of Tennessee

Clinton Ignatov                         McLuhan Institute

Jonas Ingvarsson                      University of Gothenburg

Octavio Islas                             Universidad Central del Ecuador

Adeena Karasick                     Pratt Institute, New York

Kathy Hutchon-Kawasaki      McLuhan Foundation

Elaine Kahn                             PhD. Rutgers  

Roman Kordiuk                      Independent Scholar

Agnes Kruchio                        University of Toronto

Tanya Krupiy                           Tilburg University -The Netherlands

Bill Kuhns                                Author, Montreal

Alex Kuskis                              University of Toronto

Elena Lamberti                       Università di Bologna

Paul Levinson                         Fordham University

Robert K. Logan                     University of Toronto

Juan Camilo Mansilla              Sorbonne Paris Cité University

Anne-Marie McLoughlin        University of Toronto

Andrew McLuhan                    McLuhan Institute

Teri McLuhan                           Author and Film Maker

Luísa Melo                                Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Joshua Meyrowitz                   University of New Hampshire

Andrey Miroshnichenko         York University

Philip Morais                            University of Windsor

David Nostbakken                  McLuhan Foundation

Edna Pascher                           Israel Smart Cities Institute

Emanuela Patti                        Royal Holloway University of London   

Val Peterson                             Grand Valley University

Aaron Pingree                          University of Toronto

B.W. Powe                                 York University

Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof      Ryerson University                                                   

Adam Pugen                            Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

Barbara Rauch                         OCAD University

Mira Rawadi                             University of Toronto  

Valeria Reggi                            Università di Bologna                                                     

Father Leo Reilly                      University of Toronto

Anat Ringel                               Bar Ilan University

Phil Rose                                   McMaster University

Read Mercer Schuchardt       Wheaton College, Illinois  

Carlos Scolari                           Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona

Marshall Soules                       Vancouver Island University

Marcelo Vieta                           University of Toronto

Ruthanne Wrobel                    The Marshall McLuhan Initiative, Toronto

Peter Zhang                              Grand Valley State University

Tom Zlatic                                  St. Louis University

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