18,753 Call for Articles and Reviews for the next issue of NExJ (Vol 3 No 1) aka Issue #4

Call for Articles and Reviews for the next issue of NExJ (Vol 3 No 1) aka Issue #4

Bob Logan, editor

New Explorations: Studies in Culture and Communication 3 (1) aka  Issue #4

Deadline for Submissions: February 28, 2022

Submit articles to the editor Bob Logan at logan@physics.utoronto.ca 

NExJ Vol 2 No 1

The latest issue of NExJ 2 (1) has just been published on September 11, 2021. Because of Covid, Volume 2 will have only one issue but it is packed with 22 items. We are planning two issues for Volume 3 in 2022.

Call for Community Notes

If you have any announcements for seminars, conferences, or contributions to a book of essays in the field of McLuhan studies, media ecology, or the Toronto School of Culture and Communication we would be happy to post these on newexplorations.net. Please email your announcements to us at newexplorationsblog@gmail.com.

Pre-Print Policy of newexplorations.net

If you submit an article for our next issue of New Explorations and it successfully undergoes peer review and copy editing, your article will be published on the blog newexplorations.net and then transferred to our next issue when it is released. The purpose of this policy is for author’s to be able to claim their article has been published as soon as it has been accepted thereby avoiding the often long delay between the acceptance of a publication and its appearance in a journal.

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