18,342 Creation of the Center on «Cultural industries, communication policies and public space» (ICEP, for its acronym in Spanish)

Creation of the Center on «Cultural industries, communication policies and public space»
(ICEP, for its acronym in Spanish)

It is with great joy that we share the news of the creation of the Center for «Cultural Industries, Communication Policies and Public Space» (ICEP), which was approved by the Higher Council of the National University of Quilmes (UNQ).

The ICEP Center aims to strengthen studies in the political economy of communication and culture in permanent dialogue with other theories and areas of thought, and to deepen the study of the transformations of cultural industries and information and communication technologies from the impact of digitization.

The background of the new Center is the Research Program «Cultural industries, media and communication policies in the convergence in Argentina». The Center is also linked to the Master’s Program in «Cultural Industries: policies and management”.

The creation of the ICEP Center is a step forward in the consolidation of studying, analyzing and teaching on the structure of the culture and communication industries, its convergent quality, its political regulation, its productive and labor organization, its processes of concentration, its social access and its frames and contents.

The Center gathers researchers and trainee researchers at UNQ and National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), as well as professors, students and graduates of the Master’s Program and the Research Program.

The proposal for the creation of ICEP Center had external and internal assessment of Universidad Nacional de Quilmes and the Superior Council approved it by Resolution 329/21 of October 27, 2021.

The ICEP Center greets colleagues and research groups from the country and abroad, thanks to whose productions, participation in common projects and contributions we develop our lines of work with renewed horizons. We also thank the university community of the UNQ, a public institution of higher education where we carry out our research, teaching and extension work.

Dr. Martín Becerra and Dr. Guillermo Mastrini
Research Program on Cultural Industries
Universidad Nacional de Quilmes

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