18,269 Foundational Integrity Research: 2021 Misinformation and Polarization request for proposals, Facebook Research

Nota: Fecha de Cierre (Vigencia): 14 de julio, 2021

Nombre de la convocatoria:
Foundational Integrity Research: 2021 Misinformation and Polarization request for proposals, Facebook Research
Descripción: (objetivo de la convocatoria, modalidades, áreas temáticas o demandas específicas, requisitos, montos mín. y máx. de fondeo)
Convoca a: faculty. Facebook’s integrity efforts are at the heart of the company’s mission to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, because we want social technologies to be a place where people can express themselves freely, fairly, and safely around the world. Over the last few years we have increased our investment in people and technology to minimize the effects of negative experiences people encounter on our platforms. The effectiveness of these efforts relies strongly on our partnerships with social scientists to conduct foundational and applied research around challenges pertaining to platform governance in domains such as news, misinformation, politics, health, climate change, civic engagement, trust, polarization, and conflict. 

Priority research areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
Affective polarization and online conflict
Misinformation versus authoritative content
Climate change on social media
Information processing around sensational, hateful, divisive, or provocative problematic content
Dangerous speech, conflict, and violence
Misinformation across formats
News, trust, and information quality
Cross-platform information ecosystem understanding
Digital literacy, demographics, and misinformation
Restrictions on online expression 

Montos y porcentajes de apoyo: 
We will provide a total of $1,000,000 USD in funding for research proposals that aim to enrich our understanding of challenges related to misinformation, polarization, information quality, and social conflict on social media and social technology platforms. 

Criterios de Elegibilidad:A summary of the project (1–2 pages): Include an explanation of the area of focus, techniques, relevant prior work, quantifiable risks/dependencies, and a timeline with milestones and expected outcomes. Please see the Additional Information section below for more guidance. References may exceed the page limit, but please keep concise. Proposed projects should be up to and not exceeding 1 year in duration.

A draft budget (1 page): Include an approximate cost of the project and explanation of how funds would be spent. Proposals should focus on costs of the empirical research. Participants will be invited (not required) to attend one virtual or in-person meeting with the Facebook research and product teams; travel and lodging costs for a trip to Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, California (or another Facebook location), should be included in the proposed budget.

Curriculum vitae: Provide the name of each researcher involved in the proposed work with their CV/résumé

Administrative information: Include the institution’s tax ID number and details for both a finance contact and authorized authority that can sign award documentation.Keywords: Select the primary research area from the bolded “Principal Areas of Exploration” above that is most relevant for your proposal. This will assist in the appropriate assignment of reviewers. 

Envío de solicitud: https://www.facebook.com/research-operations/rfp/?title=Foundational-Integrity-and-Impact-Research-Misinformation-and-Polarization-rfp
Contactos del fondo para mayor información:

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