18,267 Fondo de BRIDGE, Suiza

Nos permitimos enviarles esta oportunidad de convocatorias periódicas, dirigidas a jóvenes investigadores (posdocs y doctorantes).

El fondo de BRIDGE financia proyectos de 12 meses con estancia en Suiza, así como su salario y costos asociados.

Importante es contar con una Institución Suiza anfitriona para poder aplicar.

Saludos cordiales


For young researchers: Proof of Concept

Have you earned your spurs as a young researcher and come up with an idea for developing your research results into a marketable product? And are you looking for an opportunity to test and refine your idea. Then BRIDGE Proof of Concept is just what you are looking for.

BRIDGE Proof of Concept helps young researchers to apply their research results and gain the confidence needed to make a market entry. The projects may target innovations of all kinds from all research areas.

Who can ask for support?

You can apply for a BRIDGE Proof of Concept project regardless of discipline if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your institution has assured you of their support for the duration of the project.
  • You have gained research experience while studying for your bachelor’s or master’s degree, which you obtained no more than four years ago or
  • you are on course to complete your doctoral studies within the next six months or less, or
  • you are a working as a postdoctoral researcher, having obtained your doctorate no more than four years ago.
  • You submit your proposal as an individual and not as part of a group.

This is how BRIDGE Proof of Concept can support you

  • It covers your salary and any costs that are directly linked to the execution of your project; max. CHF 130,000 per year.
  • It provides funding for your project for a twelve-month period.
  • It may be extended once for a maximum of six months.

Submission deadlines for Proof of Concept projects

  • 19th call: 6 September 2021
  • 20th call: 6 December 2021
  • Deadline always 17:00 Swiss local time

Interviews 2021

19th call: 4 November 2021


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