18,200 IRIS Days: Research Practices

The  International Research Centre for Interactive Storytelling (IRIS) at Leeds Trinity University,  warmly invite you to IRIS Days: Research Practices, a two-day research event will bring together practitioners, researchers and experts from different disciplines (including media, film, journalism, humanities, education and photography) working on the broader concept of ‘storytelling’ as a way to “reshape the spectrum of narrative expression” as defined by Jane Murray in 1997. The event will include keynote talks, workshops and a closing roundtable. 

The general aim of this event is to identify a number of key issues in research and practice-led research that can be tackled successfully through a multidisciplinary approach. 

A major component of this event will be a collaborative research-by-practice interactive project created by you, the participants, to be used for future research projects. 

The event will be held on Microsoft Teams on the 28th and 29th of June. Attendees do not need to install or register with MS Teams to join and are welcome to participate across both days or attend as they are able.  

See below for the programme and details of a sample of the speakers presenting at the event.  

To Register for the event, please follow this link: Eventbrite: IRIS Day: Research Practices 

To attend on the first day (28th June), please follow this link: IRIS Day: Research Practices (Day 1) 

To attend on the second day (29th June), please follow this link: IRIS Day: Research Practices (Day 2) 

For further information, please contact Alex Vann (a.vann@leedstrinity.ac.uk

Please note that this event will be recorded.  
Warm wishes,  
The IRIS Research Team.  

IRIS Research Centre  

IRIS Day 2021: Research Practices 

Maggie Smith and Dr Carolyn Jackson-Brown 

Journalist & media historian Maggie Brown and LTU academic researcher Dr Carolyn Jackson-Brown compare notes on the research practices that they employed for their respective recent publications about Channel 4. Both have investigated the executive decision making and media production choices of this unique publisher broadcaster and much of their work is based around elite interviews and internal corporate documents. Maggie’s book is published this month by Bloomsbury as a sequel to her ‘Dare to be Different’ history of the channel, whilst Carolyn’s in-depth production-study, focusing on disability representation onscreen & within the workforce, has been published by Routledge to coincide with the Tokyo Paralympic Games. In this session the journalist and the academic researcher will talk about their respective methods and findings.Maggie Brown is one of the UK’s leading media writers. Her career includes contributing to The Guardian and Observer, helping to launch The Independent as its first media editor and writing A Licence to be Different: The Story of Channel 4, published in 2007, the history of its first 25 years. She lives in London and Wales, UK.  

Liz Cable & Scott Nicholson  

Scott and Liz are the authors of Unlocking the Potential of Puzzle-based Learning: Designing escape rooms and games for the classroom. They’ll be discussing how their escape-game making has changed over a long year of lockdown, what other immersive game-making they are involved in, and inviting the audience to share their own experiences with going digital as well as ask questions.  

Dr. Scott Nicholson is a Professor in the Game Design and Development program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He has been designing live action games for over 30 years and was the first scholar to explore escape rooms at an international level. He led a team of students to create the escape rooms for the 2017 and 2019 Red Bull Mind Gamers Escape Room World Championships, and was the designer of the award-winning Breakout EDU puzzle box game Ballot Box Bumble. He is a former librarian and library school professor, and his passion is creating face-to face games for learning in museums, libraries, classrooms, and the home.  

Liz Cable is a Senior Lecturer in Social Media, Digital Narratives and Transmedia Production at Leeds Trinity University, UK, and a PhD candidate researching escape games in education. Liz has designed and run several massive multiplayer live-action roleplaying campaigns over 30 years. She has been designing commercial and educational escape games since 2015, and teaches educators to make immersive games for the classroom and beyond.  

Jon Henry  

Jon Henry is a visual artist working with photography and text, from Queens NY (resides in Brooklyn). His work reflects on family, socio-political issues, grief, trauma and healing within the African American community. His work has been published both nationally and internationally and exhibited in numerous galleries including Aperture Foundation, Smack Mellon, and BRIC among others. Known foremost for the cultural activism in his work, his projects include studies of athletes from different sports and their representations.  

He was recently named one of the TIME Magazine NEXT100 for 2021.  Included in the Inaugural 2021 Silver List.  He recently was awarded the Arnold Newman Grant for New Directions in Photographic Portraiture, an En Foco Fellow for 2020, one of LensCulture’s Emerging Artists for 2019 and has also won the Film Photo Prize for Continuing Film Project sponsored by Kodak.  

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