18,161 The Evolution of Popular Communication in Latin America, Ana Cristina Suzina (editor)

The Evolution of Popular Communication in Latin America

Ana Cristina Suzina (editor)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021


This book brings together twelve contributions that trace the empirical-conceptual evolution of Popular Communication, associating it mainly with the context of inequalities in Latin America and with the creative and collective appropriation of communication and knowledge technologies as a strategy of resistance and hope for marginalized social groups. In this way, even while emphasizing the Latin American and even ancestral identity of this current of thought, this book positions it as an epistemology of the South capable of inspiring relevant reflections in an increasingly unequal and mediatized world.

The chapters come from a great team of authors: Ana Cristina Suzina (editor; Brazil/UK), Aníbal Orué Pozzo (Paraguay), Cicilia Peruzzo (Brazil), Washington Uranga (Argentina), Santiago Gómez Obando (Colombia), Jair Vega Casanova (Colombia), Marita Mata (Argentina), Daniel Prieto Castillo (Argentina), Nívea Bona (Brazil/United States), Dorismilda Flores-Márquez (Mexico), Leonardo Custódio (Brazil/Finland) and Adalid Contreras Baspinero (Bolivia/Ecuador).

“The Evolution of Popular Communication in Latin America presents the richness and breadth of Latin American communication research to the English speaking public.” Paola Sartoretto, Assistant Professor, Jönköping University, Sweden

“The book fosters an academic dialogue with the Global South by focusing on a key concept and the analysis of it by Latin American scholars normally invisible to the mainstream academia which broadens the sources of knowledges from which we all should learn.” Claudia Magallanes-Blanco, Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Mexico

“… this book is a breath of fresh air from the Global South at a time when people from many corners of the world are fighting colonial oppression. … If you are keen on engaging in a truly global dialogue, this book is a great place to start.” (Andrea Medrado, Vice-President of IAMCR

“The texts gathered in this work revisit the Latin American communicational thought and invite to a South-North dialogue that re-signifies a popular communication as a decolonial epistemology and in the scope of the rearrangements produced by globalization and the processes of life digitalization.” Denise Cogo, Professor at ESPM and researcher at CNPq, Brazil

“If social sciences usually feed a certain pessimism of reason, the contributions gathered in this volume deliberately choose, in the struggle against the global violence of neoliberal capitalism, the optimism of the will.” Benjamin Ferron, East-Paris University, France

Dr Ana Cristina Suzina
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Institute for Media and Creative Industries
Loughborough University London


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