18,102 Public Service Media in Challenging Times: Connectivity, Climate and Corona. A talk by Graham Murdock

Public Service Media in Challenging Times: Connectivity, Climate and Corona. A talk by Graham Murdock, hosted and organised by InnoPSMMon, 15 February 2021, 16:00 British Time, 17:00 CET

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In this talk, Prof Graham Murdock will analyse public service media in the challenging times we live in.
The institutions and animating ideals of public service broadcasting have been under continuous pressure for the last four decades. Advocates of marketisation have argued long and hard that they are no longer relevant or needed in a world of digital abundance and infinite choice, pointing to the increasing migration of young people to on-line platforms. These arguments continue to gain traction. A new proposal for an alternative future must place relations between broadcasting and the internet at the centre of argument. Discussions around how these relations might be organised has been underway for some time but recent developments have invested them with new relevance and urgency.

2020 was marked by a global pandemic, an accelerating climate crisis, and an explosion of direct action across the political spectrum. The processes driving these events are still unfolding presenting Public Service Media with both new challenges and new opportunities. The talk will open a conversation of how we might respond.

InnoPSM – Innovation in Public Service Media Policies is an AHRC research network that facilitates exchange between academic experts and key PSM stakeholders and develops a research agenda across national and disciplinary boundaries with a view to advancing our thinking about innovative policy solutions and strategies to respond to the major digital challenges confronting PSM. This talk is part of InnoPSM’s focus on Envisioning Public Service Media Utopias

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