18,076 27th International Congress of the SEP, organised by the Spanish Society of Journalism (SEP) and the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville

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We are pleased to inform you that the 27th International Congress of the SEP, organised by the Spanish Society of Journalism (SEP) and the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville on 27 and 28 May 2021 in virtual format, is now underway.

Under the title ‘Transformación digital. Challenges and expectations for journalism’, this scientific forum establishes the necessary connection and at the highest level between the academic, business and professional worlds around the general theme of the activity and between the agents involved. It aims to advance the importance of the digital transformation as a strategy of the media and journalistic companies, in clear harmony with what has been happening in recent years and which is becoming increasingly consolidated in the world journalistic panorama. Therefore, it implies talking about a change in mentality, attitude and willingness to adopt and innovate with technology as a strategic and competitive differentiator and never as a medium in itself.

The event will be attended by international professionals of the stature of Charo Henríquez, head of Development and Editorial Support at The New York Times, and Alfred Hermida, an academic at the University of British Columbia and one of the founders of BBCNews.com.

The participation of renowned Spanish professionals has also been confirmed, such as Pepe Cerezo, professor at the University Carlos III of Madrid and director of Evoca Media; Noemí Ramírez, general director of Product and Clients at PRISA; Javier Martínez, director of Digital Strategy at La Vanguardia, and José Ignacio Álvarez Ortiz, director of the applications business area of Oracle Ibérica.

The Congress calls on the entire research community to present papers in 5 major thematic areas:

1. Evolution and adaptation of the journalistic profession to new challenges.
2. Innovation of new business models and entrepreneurial niches.
3. Active audiences and distribution strategies.
4. Recent trends in content production and new narratives.
5. Teaching and research in post-Covid-19 journalism.

Abstracts, with proposed papers, can be sent until 1 February 2021 using the form available on the Congress website: www.sepsevilla2021.com

Accepted abstracts will be part of the digital abstract book with the stamp of the University of Seville Publishing House. The communications defended in the Congress, after a review by parts, will be able to opt for one of the following publication options:
– Textual & Visual Media Magazine.
– Ámbitos. International Journal of Communication.
– IROCAMM journal.
– Anàlisi journal. Communication and Culture Quaderns. (Q2)
– Digital book chapter published by Gedisa and the SEP.
– Digital book chapter with the stamp of the Editorial of the University of Seville.

The registration period for the Congress opens on 3 December 2020 and closes on 1 May 2021. Those who register before 15 March 2021 will benefit from a reduced rate. Further information is available on the Congress website.

– 3 December 2020: Call for papers and opening of registration
– 1 February 2021: Deadline for submission of abstracts
– 26 February 2021: Notification of acceptance of proposals.
– 15 March 2021: Deadline for reduced registration.
– 12 April 2021: Deadline for sending the video presentation of accepted papers.
– 24 May 2021: Publication of the Book of Abstracts on the congress website.
– 3 May 2021: Deadline for registration.
– 27 and 28 May 2021: Presentation of communications and celebration of the Congress.
– 21 June 2021: Deadline for sending articles to the journals: IROCAMM journal, Anàlisi. Quaderns de comunicació i          cultura and for the book edited by Gedisa and the SEP (2022), according to the publication option selected.
-Those papers that are accepted after the peer review and that are not selected in the previous options, will be published as book chapters with the stamp of the Editorial of the University of Seville.
-1 to 15 September: Notification of evaluation and acceptance of chapters for the book edited by Gedisa and the SEP.-31 December 2021: The deadline for sending articles to the journal Ámbitos International Journal of Communication.- Open date: for submission of papers to the magazin Textual & Visual Media.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit the Congress website: www.sepsevilla2021.com or consult sep2021@us.es (academic issues) and secretariaSEP2021@sepsevilla2021.com (other issues).

Receive a cordial greeting,

Hada Sánchez President of the 27th International Congress of the SEP

Hada SánchezVicedecana de Comunicación, Relaciones Institucionales y EmprendimientoDirectora del Laboratorio de Proyectos en Comunicación (LabProCom)Facultad de Comunicación- Universidad de SevillaAvenida Américo Vespucio S/N Isla de la Cartuja41092- Sevilla- España

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