18,061 Call for papers, American University Internet Governance Lab TPRC48 Online Graduate Student Research Symposium

Call for Papers 

American University Internet Governance Lab
TPRC48 Online Graduate Student Research Symposium  

February 18, 2021 

1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST 

Hosted by: 

The Internet Governance Lab at American University 

The Research Conference on Communications, Information, and Internet Policy (TPRC48)

Open to all students enrolled in university masters and doctoral degree programs 

Abstracts due: January 31, 2021 

See submission link posted at the end of this Call. 

We are currently seeking research paper abstract submissions for the American University Internet Governance Lab TPRC48 Online Graduate Student Research Symposium. This year’s symposium will be held completely online and will feature a globally distributed network of emerging and established scholars presenting cross-disciplinary research on communications, information, and Internet policy. The conference will enable students (any students enrolled in a university masters or doctoral degree program) to discuss and advance their work in conversation with experts from law, economics, engineering, computer science, public policy, data science, social sciences, and related fields working in academia, industry, government, and civil society organizations around the world.  

The online symposium will take place on February 18, 2021, on the first afternoon of the TPRC48 main virtual conference, and will feature online sessions with virtual breakout rooms and networking opportunities .  

Prior to the symposium we will provide an orientation session for presenters providing advice and tips on getting the most out of the conference, as well as ensuring technical proficiency ahead of the event.  

Submissions: Submit a maximum 250-word abstract of research in progress or recently completed and, if selected for the Symposium, present your resulting research in an online conference session.  The link for submission by 11:59 p.m. on Januiary 31,2021 is posted at the end of this Call. 

Topic Areas: 

The program committee encourages submissions from a diverse range of disciplines and methodological approaches, including but not limited to:  

  • Broadband technologies, deployment, adoption, and regulation 
  • Wireless policy (e.g. auctions, 5G, Radio spectrum, IMT-2020) 
  • Internet governance 
  • Platforms, media, and content and their regulatory design and convergence 
  • Social media, video-sharing platforms, harmful content, regulatory initiatives 
  • User and consumer behavior in communications and media; advertising and targeting 
  • Privacy, information security, cybersecurity, data protection, and surveillance 
  • Encryption, lawful access, and law enforcement 
  • Innovation policy and intellectual property (copyright, trademark and patent) 
  • Emerging technologies (e.g. AI, facial and biometric recognition, etc.) and their social economic, and policy implications 
  • Gender, race, ethnicity, diversity, social justice, and social inclusion and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 
  • Competition and antitrust in ICT, big tech 
  • ICT and developing countries 
  • International dimensions of ICT policy: trade, geopolitics, localization, security, and digital platform markets 

Online sessions:  

Online paper sessions will include presentations of selected papers with a moderator introducing the presenters. Presentations should be no more than 10 minutes and will be followed by a 10-minute discussion period.  


Open to all students enrolled in university masters, juris doctor ,or doctoral degree programs. Authors may present only one paper at the symposium, although they may also be a coauthor of papers presented by others, including in the TPRC general conference and TPRC student paper competition. An author may submit multiple abstracts for consideration, including to the TPRC general conference or TPRC student paper competition, but at most one will be accepted to the Online Graduate Student Research Symposium.  

Specific questions can be addressed to internetgovlab@gmail.com. 

Important Date for Receipt of Abstracts:  

  • Abstracts due: January 31, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. only at this link:


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