18,040 Call for papers ‘New Media and National Identity’

Call for Special Issue Papers

‘New Media and National Identity’

The Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research (JAMMR) is an international academic refereed journal published by Intellect in the UK and specializes in the study of Arab and Middle Eastern media and society. Principal Editor: Noureddine Miladi


The advent of satellite TV and social media networks have transformed the long assumed approaches of identity construction and production. Global TV and virtual media spaces have allowed audiences to become more active in the realisation of their identity as an existential foundation. Amidst this sophisticated development, mediascapes have proven effective tools in the formation of the self via a self-gratification process.

Furthermore, the articulation of a common national identity has nowadays assumed diverse sources. National identity as suggested by several scholars is becoming a fluid and changing concept. In the core of its formation are expressions of language, culture, ideology, history and memory. The internet is probably becoming the most influential platform for such expression. Contrary to previous generations who used to be brought up through family values, education systems and religious teachings, nowadays satellite TV and online environments arguably seem the most influential spaces of interactions about identity and opinion formation.

One would consider in this context the various studies which have claimed during the last two decades that global media have negatively affected local cultures, and marginalized minority identities through the creation of a global trend of consciousness. However, what is also evident from developments due to the use of social media platforms is that such technologies have in fact empowered minority groups from all strata of society and created influential virtual cultural cyberspaces. Such spaces are not only serving their designated members but also extend their outreach to the wider spectrum of society.

This special issue of JAMMR aims at enriching the debate on media, identity and cultural formation. It seeks to critically address this ever-growing area of enquiry and revisit the field from various theoretical and empirical multi-disciplinary dimensions. The journal welcomes contributions based on empirical studies or original theoretical approaches regarding (and not necessarily limited to) the following themes:

–          Television and the reproduction of culture

–          New media and national identity

–          Minority media, tools for preserving minority culture.

–          Diasporic identities and the media

–          Uses and reception of minority communities of satellite TV and radio.

–          Media imperialism/Cultural imperialism revisiting the field

–          Satellite TV and social media as alternative platforms for news and entertainment.

–          Social media, the youth and transcultural spaces.

–          New media, minority communities and hegemonic/counterhegemonic discourses.

–          Growing minority media outlets in the West, as undercurrents of power struggle in modern society.


Full manuscripts (of about 7500 to 8500 words including bibliography) should be submitted through the journal’s web-submission system. All submissions will be blind-refereed.

Submission link: http://www.intellectbooks.com/journal-of-arab-muslim-media-research

You may need to register if you don’t have an account.

A copy of the paper should also be emailed to the editor (Noureddine Miladi, Editor) on: noureddinemiladi@amcn.online

Please refer to the Contributor Guidelines before you formally submit your paper.

Deadlines for submissions:

–               Abstracts of no more than 300 words along with the author’s bio (100 words) and author’s full contact details: by 25th January 2021

–               Full papers: by 15th June 2021

–               Referees’ feedback: by 30th July 2021

–               Revised papers: 25th August 2021

–               Expected publication of the special issue: November 2021 (Volume 14, Issue # 2)


Noureddine Miladi (PhD)

Professor of Media & Communication


Principal Editor:

JAMMR (refereed journal in Arab and Middle Eastern media)

ISSN 1751-9411 (Print); ISSN 1751-942X (Online)

Abstracting/Indexing: SCOPUS, EBSCO, US-British Library, Arab World Resource Source, Summon, Ulrich’s, Britannica Online, British Humanities, Communication & Mass Media Complete…


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