13,780 Cultura Social Media 2020 Conference: Emerging Technologies to face uncertain futures,

We are pleased to invite you to the Cultura Social Media 2020 Conference: Emerging Technologies to face uncertain futures, which will take place online on November 16th, 17th and 18th 2020.  

Digital emergent technologies -from social media, apps and artificial intelligence- bring up new possibilities for communication. At the same time, they question paradigms and concepts which make us rethink our forms of imagining and inhabiting the world. Being a citizen is a concept defied by new forms of political participation, our connection with public issues and the spreading of false information. In addition, social robots and artificial intelligence emerge as new communicative agents which open up new possibilities and challenges in different areas, such as education, the labour market and mental health. At the same time, the creation of content by millions of users in the world, has defied industries and knowledge, generating new markets, cultures and uncertain work dynamics. 
Through academic presentations in an online format -given the global sanitary contingency- the Social Media ‘20 Conference will deal with the role that these emerging technologies play in our social and economic lives, within a context of uncertain futures.

In order to register you need to fill in the form available on the website: https://comunicaciones.uai.cl/conferencia-online-cultura-social-media-20/
All pre-recorded content will be *available in English and Spanish*. Depending on the panels, it will be possible to ask questions to the speakers in Spanish and/or English

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