13,761 Routledge Handbook on Arab Media

This Handbook constitutes the first comprehensive reference in English about the development of mass and social media in 20 Arab countries. The book comes in 38 chapters and 520 pages’ length. Capturing the historical as well as current developments in the media scene, this collection maps the role of media in social and political movements.

Contributors include specialists in the field from North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Each chapter provides an overview of the history, regulatory frameworks and laws governing the press, and socio-political functions of the media in each Arab country. While the geopolitical complexities of the region have been reflected in the expert analyses collectively, the focus is always the local context of each member state. All 38 chapters consider the specific historical, political and media trajectories in each country, to provide a contextual background and foundation for further study about single states or comparative analysis in two or more Arab states.

Capturing significant technological developments and the widespread use of social media, this all-inclusive volume on Arab media is a key resource for students and scholars interested in journalism, media and Middle East studies. 


Noureddine Miladi is Professor of Media and Communication at Qatar University, Qatar. He is former head of department of mass communication and president of the Arab Media & Communication Network (AMCN). He is editor of JAMMR, first Arab refereed journal in Arab media and society.

Noha Mellor is Professor of Media at the University of Bedfordshire, UK, and Adjunct Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden. She is the author of several books about Arab media and journalism.

Routledge Handbook on Arab Media  book cover

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