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This is the last chance to get Volume 16

New Issue of Explorations in Media Ecology

Dear MEA Member,
The latest issue of Explorations in Media Ecology, a double issue, Volume 16, Nos. 2-3, is now available online, and the fourth and final issue of Volume 16, a special issue devoted to the late Elizabeth Eisenstein, will be available next month (print copies to be distributed a little later).

As the year 2017 is coming to a close, if you have not paid your dues for this past year, this is your last chance to receive all of volume 16.  if you are a 2017 member, please consider giving a gift. Join the MEA here.
Here are the contents of 16:2-3 available now:

And here are the contents of 16:4: (this will be available next month)

Lance Strate, Our Print Medium
Margot Hardenbergh, In Memoriam Elizabeth Eisenstein, Exemplary Scholar

1. Mark Brewin, Why Elizabeth Eisenstein Might Have Been a Technological Determinist: And Why, In the End, It Doesn’t Really Matter
2. Margaret DeLacy, From Princess to Assassin: My Mother in the Media
3. Peter Fallon, Force of Evidence: Elizabeth Eisenstein’s Legacy and the Responsibility of the Media Scholar
4. Maureen Mulvihill, A Tale of Three Cities: Remembering Elizabeth L. Eisenstein (1923-2016)
5. Lance Strate, Elizabeth Eisenstein as an Agent of Change in the Field of Media Ecology

1. Robert Priest, The name is Bomb, James Bomb.
2. Robert Priest, Everyone knows where they were when they first heard about the death of the
3. Robert Priest, infologisms

1. Paul Levison, The Omnipotent Ear, Circa 2017
2. Paul Levinson, The Acoustic Photograph

1. Martin Levinson, Making ‘Sense’ through General Semantics

1. Eva Berger, review of Moran, T. P. (2010). Introduction to the History of Communication: Evolutions and Revolutions.
2. Bogaczyk, review of Corey Anton’s Valuation & Media Ecology
3. Fallon, review of Elizabeth Eisenstein’s Divine Art, Infernal Machine
4. Nayar, review of van den Berg & Walsh’s Language, Culture & Identity
5. Donovan, review of Levinson’s New New Media (2e)
6. Thom Gencarelli, review of Amazing Ourselves to Death: Neil Postman’s Brave New World Revisited, Lance Strate
7. Donald Gillies, review of Harold Innis’s History of Communications: Paper and Printing – Antiquity to Early Modernity, William J. Buxton, Michael R. Cheney and Paul Heyer (eds)

and for those of you who missed it, here are the contents of 16:1

Lance Strate

Explorations in Media Ecology
Media Ecology Association

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