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Dear Media Ecology Associate,

Explorations in Media Ecology (EME) is the international journal of the Media Ecology Association. Media ecology is an interdisciplinary study of media as environments. Media ecologists explore relationships between communication media, human consciousness, and culture in our technological societies. Articles are expected to use rigorous theory and modes of inquiry to develop arguments that further knowledge at intersections of media, consciousness, and culture. Submissions should be exemplary in scholarship, whatever the mode of inquiry, and should offer constructive insights.

EME invites submissions of original scholarly work that builds and extends our knowledge of media ecology and welcomes contributions from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, fields of study, and modes of inquiry. EME also welcomes work focused on media ecology education and reviews of books and other media. Manuscripts are accepted for publication based on scholarly merit and resonance with the stated purposes of the journal stated above. The journal employs an anonymous peer-review process conducted by at least one member of the editorial board, one other reviewer, and the editor. Suggestions for revision address issues of argument, style, and contribution to the area of media ecology. Writing should be clear, aesthetically pleasing, and effective. Style should be gender sensitive. The editor makes final publication decisions. Authors should expect an initial decision within four months; the editor will notify authors of editorial progress.

Please submit articles as Microsoft Word files to the submission portal at: http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/article-sub/
(Note: you will need to create a user account for Intellect).

The one uploaded file will be composed of two parts. The first page should contain a brief cover letter to the editor that includes all contact information of the author(s), current institutional affiliation, and prior history of the manuscript.  Please provide a brief history of the manuscript’s development, including whether it is derived from an MA or PhD thesis (with advisor’s name) and whether it has been presented at a conference. The rest of the document should contain the manuscript itself, scrubbed of all identifying information, along with an abstract of 100 words or less and 5-7 suggested keywords.

Article formatting and citation should conform to Intellect’s Harvard style, which can be found at: http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/MediaManager/File/style%20guide(journals)-1.pdf (or search for Intellect Publishers Harvard house style).

Submissions whose references have not been thus formatted may be returned before undergoing the review process. Manuscripts must be 6,500-8,500 words inclusive (text, notes, citations, captions) and double-spaced. If images are integral to the work, please so note in the cover letter; the editor will contact you to obtain those image files. Submissions to EME should not be under review at another journal.

Book review submissions and ideas should be sent directly to Brian Cogan at:bcogan@molloy.edu with all identifying information included. Pedagogy articles should be 2,500-3,500 words and should be sent to Catherine Adams at cathy.adams@ualberta.cawith all identifying information included.

Media Ecology Association

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