12,702 CALL FOR PAPERS, THE REVIEW OF COMMUNICATION. Special Issue: Media Ecological Orientations to Philosophy and Philosophical Problems, Guest Edited by Corey Anton

Special Issue:
Media Ecological Orientations to Philosophy and Philosophical Problems
Guest Edited by Corey Anton
I am pleased to announce this Call for Papers, as part of a special issue for The Review of Communication. This particular issue explores important connections between media ecology and philosophy. Media ecology is sometimes understood as a philosophical and/or historical approach to media studies and culture, but the extent to which media ecology provides re-invigorated orientations to philosophy and philosophical problems seems far less appreciated. Accordingly, this special issue seeks to address how philosophical problems, issues, and practices (e.g. mind-body relations, meaning of causality, theory of mind, free will and determinism, “is” versus “ought,” theological positions and speculation, deductive logic, etc.) have their roots in communicative technologies and media forms. It also seeks to further clarify and solidify the position of media ecology within communication studies. Topics of interest include: How does media ecology relate to (and/or differ fr
om) philosophy (and/or) certain braches of philosophy? How have money, the alphabet, forms of literacy, calendars, clocks, mirrors, telescopes, microscopes, telegraphy, computers, etc., wittingly or unwittingly, shaped and informed ancient and/or contemporary problems and practices? How many (and which) philosophical problems are displaced condensates originating from one or more communication technology? In what ways does media ecological thought inform communication theory, the philosophy of communication, and philosophy more broadly?
As stated in the charge by the new editor, Ramsey Eric Ramsey, each of the special issues within the new Review of Communication series ?will be a detailed defense of why such an exploration is undertaken and its place in the variegated study of communicative praxis.? Ideally, this special issue on media ecology could be used within graduate seminars as a valuable resource for beginning scholars to learn about key concepts and methodologies and to see examples of the type of scholarship their own work might try to emulate.
For submission details, questions, or further information, contact Corey Anton, antonc@gvsu.edu  antonc@gvsu.edu>
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