10,089 BRITISH JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (BJSS), Call for Papers – Vol.1 No.2

Call for Papers – Vol.1 No.2 



Published by British Association of Academic Research (BAAR)


Published monthly, online, open-access and having double-blind peer reviewed, British Journal of Social Sciences (BJSS) is an emerging academic journal in the field of Social Sciences which deals with all the facets of Social Sciences. This journal is published by British Association of Academic Research (BAAR). British Journal of Social Sciences has a primary aim to publish novel research being conducted and carried out in the field of Social Sciences as a whole.  It invites social scientists, researchers, professionals, academicians and research scholars to submit their novel and conjectural ideas in the domain of Social Sciences in the shape of research articles that can benefit the social scientists and students in general and society as a whole.

BJSS invites scholars, researchers, social scientists, professionals and academicians to publish their research papers in the journal. The author(s) can submit their manuscript covering any of the following areas:

Sociology, Law, Anthropology, Development Studies, Political Science, History, Population Studies, Gender and Women Studies, Mass Communication and Media, Cross-cultural studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious studies, Linguistics, Education, Social welfare or Social Work, International Relations and all other facets of Social Sciences.

BJSS also publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews. 

Authors are advised to follow the Author Guidelines in preparing the manuscript before submission. 

Submissions to British Journal of Social Sciences should be made online; the online submission here means that authors should attach their manuscripts in e-mail and send them to the editor of the journal.

Paper Review Process 

Author(s) will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the manuscript along with a manuscript code or number. After an initial review by the editor, those manuscripts that meet specifications will be sent to reviewers. Authors are also notified if manuscripts are judged not to be appropriate for review. Manuscripts are subject to review by members of the professional journal committee, editorial reviewers, and the editor. 

Note: There will be a justifiable publication fee of 140 Pounds (GBP) after publishing our first issue online. This fee is to be paid in case of the acceptance of the manuscript and can be paid via Western Union or by Bank Transfer. The date of publication of Vol.1 No.2 is 1stDecember, 2012.


Thank you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Dr. Greg Rutherford, PhD
Managing Editor
British Journal of Social Sciences (BJSS)


For contact and Submissions: editor@bjss.baar.org.uk


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