9652 Media Ecology, Laureano Ralon, Figure/Ground Communication’s 97th scholarly interview, Peter Zhanhg

Dear colleagues and friends,

Figure/Ground Communication’s 97th scholarly interview is with Peter Zhang. Dr Zhang is an assistant professor of Communication Studies at Grand Valley State University. He has authored the following articles, dialogues, and probes: “Deleuze’s Relay and Extension of McLuhan: An Ethical Exploration,” “The English Language as a Medium and Its Impact on Contemporary Chinese Culture: A Speculative Critique,” “Gilles Deleuze and Minor Rhetoric,” “Corporate Identity Metaphor as Constitutive Discourse in Miniature: The Case of NCL,” “The Idea of Communication: A Response to Lee Thayer,” “The Rhetorical-Theatrical Sensibility as Equipment for Living” (first author), “Formal Cause, Poiesis, Rhetoric” (with Eric McLuhan), “Pivotal Terms in Media Ecology” (with Eric McLuhan), “Syntax and Ethics” (with Corey Anton), “Bindings and Becomings: Korzybski, Deleuze, and Ecological Thinking” (with Eric Jenkins, under review), “Homo Faber,” “Chiasmus as a Mode of Probing,” “Numerotherapy and Its Metamessage,” and “Philosophy How.” He has reviewed *The Book of Probes* for *ETC*. His public scholarship include: “Navigating the Technologized Campus Environment,” “Liberal Education: Provocations for Freshmen,” and “Midterm as a Ritual: Further Provocations on Liberal Education.”

URL: http://figureground.ca/interviews/peter-zhang/

Please direct comments and feedback to laureano@alumni.sfu.ca


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