2304 Call for articles/essays for a special issue on Journalism as an Institution

Call for articles/essays for a special issue on Journalism as an Institution

Since the seminal book by Tim Cook, ‘Governing with the News,’ a new institutional approach to the study of journalism has been emerging around the western world. This approach has gained popularity because it builds a bridge between past research and new directions of inquiry.  However, though many scholars are working this terrain, their work tends to be scattered across journals, subdisciplines, and even nations.  It is now time to bring together a sample of this work to assess where the field is and where it ought to go.

International researchers within the area of journalism studies, media studies and political communication studies are hereby invited to send an abstract to participate in a special issue on ‘journalism as an institution.’  Papers ought to be empirically driven but theoretically informed by an institutional approach to the news.  We understand journalism as an institution in a broad sense, and welcome studies that make comparisons across countries; that focus on a specific organization; that trace the development of journalism as an institution over time, or that examine other aspects of new institutionalism and the news.

Abstracts should be approximately 500 words and are due by e-mail to either David Ryfe (dryfe@unr.edu) or Mark Ørsten (oersten@ruc.dk) by February 1st, 2009.  You may send inquiries to either editor.  The deadline for accepted papers will be six months later, August 1, 2009.

The selected papers will be reviewed for possible publication in Journalism Studies.

Kind regards,
David Ryfe and Mark Ørsten

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