18,377 Special Issue of P&N published ‐ Nature on screen: The implications of visual media for human–nature relationship

Happy to share the TOC of this new special issue that just came out (in open access). It has one article I contributed to (about a documentary on Kiruna, the city that moves) …

With apologies for cross-posting and (only partial) self-promotion


New special issue

People and Nature Volume 3, Issue 6
Special Issue ‐ Nature on screen: The implications of visual media for human–nature relationships

Guest Editorial
The implications of digital visual media for human–nature relationships
Matthew Silk, Ricardo Correia, Diogo Veríssimo, Audrey Verma, Sarah L. Crowley

Wildlife films and filmmaking

Assessing the environmental impacts of wildlife television programmes
John Aitchison, Rowan Aitchison, Fredi Devas

Performing authenticity: The making-of documentary in wildlife film’s blue-chip renaissance
Eleanor Louson

Soap operas will not wash for wildlife
Keith Somerville, Amy Dickman, Paul J. Johnson, Adam G. Hart

Nature films: analysis and impact

Conflicting and entangled human–nature relationships: A
discursive-material analysis of the documentary film Kiruna – A Brand New World
Nico Carpentier, Vaia Doudaki, Anna Rozsypal Pajerová

Nature documentaries as catalysts for change: Mapping out the ‘Blackfish
Laure Boissat, Laura Thomas-Walters, Diogo Veríssimo

The full story: Understanding how films affect environmental change through the lens of narrative persuasion
Christopher Michael McCormack, Jennifer K. Martin, Kathryn J. H. Williams

Digital games

Stepping into the Wildeverse: Evaluating the impact of augmented reality mobile gaming on pro-conservation behaviours
Matilda Eve Dunn, Gautam Shah, Diogo Veríssimo

Could Nintendo’s Animal Crossing be a tool for conservation messaging?
Jessica C. Fisher, Natalie Yoh, Takahiro Kubo, Danielle Rundle

The educational value of virtual ecologies in Red Dead Redemption 2
Edward J. Crowley, Matthew J. Silk, Sarah L. Crowley

Visual social media

The Instagrammable outdoors – Investigating the sharing of nature experiences through visual social media
Irma Arts, Anke Fischer, Dominic Duckett, René van der Wal

Building better conservation media for primates and people: A case study of orangutan rescue and rehabilitation YouTube videos
Cathryn A. Freund, Erin G. Heaning, Imani R. Mulrain, Jesse B. McCann, Andrea L. DiGiorgio

Visual media for education and communication

Reflections from the team: Co-creating visual media about ecological
processes for young people
Merryn J. Thomas, Ioanna Daphne Giannoulatou, Ethan Kocak, Wes Tank, Ryan Sarnowski, Peter E. Jones, Stephanie R. Januchowski-Hartley

Fostering ocean empathy through future scenarios
Jessica Blythe, Julia Baird, Nathan Bennett, Gillian Dale, Kirsty L. Nash, Gary Pickering, Colette C. C. Wabnitz

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